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August 10, 2009



Jeff, I've been trying to find the link to the above mentioned manual for TECSUN PL 300 WT, but with no result. Could you provide a link to it? Thanks a lot!

Mike W

Hey Jeff, I can't recall if you have mentioned the CCR-2 review over at radiointel :


Lots of interesting pictures, including a pair that clear up whether the MW antenna is really improved (it is).


Regarding the G8/PL300 manual, it's available as a Word document at the Yahoo ultralightdx group:

4 Radios, Reviews, Manuals
Radio Manuals
G8 Operation Manual

Jeffrey McMahon

Mike, thanks. I'll create a link.


If there's one thing I can't stand it's F#$%n' button beeps.
Worse than f#$%n' push button microwaves (RIP the much-loved one-action minute dial)



I also miss the dial action microwave ovens. I guess that is the same part of me that likes the dial action radios (analog sets).

Thankfully, the G8's beeps can be disabled. Otherwise, the radio would've gone back the day I bought it!



ha, my Vornado blender has a radio dial on it. with stations marked 'liquify', 'puree', 'pulverize', and so on


to get WATD slightly south of you, i can extend a whip 4.97' give or take an inch or two and pull it out of the noise (half wavelength)

is this whip even 5 feet long?

Mike W

It's got a thermometer in it? And I thought putting clocks in radios was stupid. Does it take your oral temperature or your...ahhh, forget it.

Jack K

Why do we have to go searching for the ONLINE manual? To disable the beeps, press down on the "Light/Snooze" switch for a few seconds and the beeping will stop. Takes forever to find that ONLINE manual; perhaps someone can link it here.


The G8 manual is available at Eton's web site:


Of course, the manual doesn't seem to include the method to disable the beeps that you posted.

Jack K.

Finally, the expanded G8 Manual:

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