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August 19, 2009


Richard Kalman

I have had a 320 for what seems like forever. Except for the lack of electronic tuning with presets it has been a marvelous radio. But there is one problem.

Has anyone experienced the radio station "wandering" as if the tuning knob is moving a slight bit away from the desired setting? My suspicion is that this is either the band that connects the tuning knob to the tuner, or the electronics are unable to keep a lock on the station.

Any ideas?

Sal Accardo

While I own the 320, I also own two pairs of Proton's high end unit, The Radio Model 300 and the amplified side speaker 301. They are terrific products, although they sometimes have problems with age. I'm trying to convert on pair to a clock radio using the Enover Plug-in Digital Outlet Timer. Since the manufacturer cautions using it with any device having a load exceeding 15 amps, I can't answer this since my manuals have been lost or misplaced. Does anyone know the loads of each unit? Is the Endover the ideal simple timer or is there any better alternative.

Thanks for your help.

Sal Accardo


I have a wonderful 320 proton radio and it just woke me up in the middle of the night with this terrifically loud buzzing.Like a fire alarm. I couldn't turn it off so I had to unplug it. I tried pushing the alarm buttons on and off but still no stopping this noise. Could this mean my battery is dead?
I need anyones help. I love my Proton.

Ed S.

Sal, a basic 60 watt timer should work fine
Jake, sounds like something has finally failed in your 30-something-year old 320. It may be repairable but may just be cheaper to get another on eBay.

Joseph M. Gates

I just acquired a Proton 320 at an estate sale and paid around $10.. along with other things in a large gray tub. I plugged it in and a rich sound came from the 4 " 🔊!
I set it up on my bedroom entable but noticed after a few days that I couldn't change stations.
So I dissembled it an poked around the fine thread that pulled the station light. After inspecting it I sprayed a small amount of CRC 2-26 Multi-Purpose Prescision Lubricant. This was the solution to enable station changing! I cleaned up the plastic station screen and the digital display lens.
After turning the station knob multiple times, I put it back together and am really pleased with my repair work.
The radio came from a very wealthy estate but I'm sure that the family that survived the owners passed it up because you were unable to change stations.
I restore vintage radios as a hobby and have many consoles, table top, bread box, casket ( Atwater Kent) , and many other radios. This one will not only be added to my collection but, I will use it on my bedroom entable!

Danielle Avidan

I have an old Proton 320; the FM radio has
not been working for years and now the
hour light goes on and off. I am convinced it needs
'Servicing'. Can someone give me the name
of a shop in the Los Angeles area where I could
have the clock repaired, as I really would like to keep it

Ed S.

Danielle, it would cost more to repair it, if you could find someone to do it, than replacing it.
I suggest you buy a lightly used one from eBay. They are always available for
$40 to $50. Proton 320 is the model.

Steve Williams

Ed, do you remember who the "fancy design firm" was? Would love to find out.


Ed S.

Steve, my memory is fuzzy, but I think the design firm was something like “Rheinholdt”... possibly German.

Frank Thomas

I bought my 320 from Sharper Image in the 1980’s. I still have and love it and it still works perfectly. Even as my income went up and up and I could buy any alarm clock I wanted there was no reason to replace it. In functionality and design it’s stood up over the years.

kevin in texas

I found one of these in very good condition at a thrift store for $5. The sound is very good for an alarm clock radio of its size. The dial light was working when I purchased it in 2018. The dial light died after a few months of use and stayed dark for over a year but then re-illuminated after a jostle and burned for several more months before extinguishing once again. I looked into replacing it but decided not to, as I use this largely while I am sleeping and find the lights to be bright enough to be disturbing.

Ed Strnad


Charder Dimveck

My Proton 320 quit working almost twenty years ago. I put it in a cupboard in the basement and forgot about it until I was cleaning the cupboard out. I almost chucked the 320, but decided to open it up and see if I could see what had failed. The 2200microfarad 25volt power supply capacitor had bled corrosive gunk onto the pcb. That capacitor was not a Nichicon, but its replacement is, now. An easy fix, the radio works like new. Now that I know what quality capacitors were used in it (not very good), I may replace all the rest, and perhaps switch some better resistors in - tweaking old electronics is a hobby of mine, and this looks like some easy performance gains to be had. It's still a great little radio!

Frank D

I have a proton 320 and the tuning dial is stuck all the way to the left.
I took it apart, however, im not seeing what the issue is. Appreciate if anyone might be able to provide a tip or some direction on how i can fix it.


I know it’s 12 years later, but I just wanted to say that I just got one of these Protos for $8 in the thrift store. Cleaned up and working perfectly, it’s a great kitchen radio.

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