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August 01, 2009



looks like a really nice radio. know of any plans to release this in the US soon?



You meant this one ?
Ebay Item number: 250472357299

Kevin S

A cheaper route ($58.50 delivered) by the same seller is on eCrater, which is where many of us have just picked one up:


We have had contact with the seller, and he seems like a very good e-seller.


Kevin, thanks for the link to the ecrater site. That is a great price. Do you know of anybody who has received a radio from the seller and tried it out? I'm mostly curious to hear how the AM compares to the Grundig G8.


Tom Welch

BTW, I called Sangean yesterday and they indicated a major upgrade of the ATS-909, called the 909X, is coming in 2010.


I think I found answers to my questions about the D96L's performance. I went to hard-core-dx.com and found it at the following link: http://www.hard-core-dx.com/article.php?story=20090730061611644&mode=print Sounds like a good performer with some good features that are missing from the G8. If the price is really $58.80 shipped from ecrater.com, I may just buy one.


A deal break for me regarding this kchibo is- if I´m not wrong- this set uses propietary rechargeable battery pack instead of ordinary batteries...that´s sounds no good in my case..


The battery is the same as a Nokia BL-5C. This is a fairly standard Nokia battery. I have a couple of them laying around, plus a Nokia phone that can charge them. I was worried about this as well until I found out that the battery is a BL-5C. I can keep an extra battery charged and ready for going on trips.

I contacted the seller through ecrater.com and he responded promptly with answers to my questions. I ordered one this morning!


The price on the D96L has now jumped from $58.80 shipped to $51.10 plus $17.60 shipping. The seller told me before I bought mine that he would be selling one more at the $58.80 price including shipping before the price would be adjusted. I purchased the last one for the lower price. I feel lucky.

I just found the Yahoo Ultralight DX group, and am finding it good reading. Much of my DXing would probably fall into the ultralight category (or crystal radio DX).



A thorough review of this item would be greatly appreciated. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect travel/alarm/sleep radio.


yeah a lot of mainland electronics are using the nokia batteries. like the Astak ebook reader.. the new AA?

Trafind Com

good the brand. very good the quality.the price is only usd 50.99.the buy url :http://www.trafind.com/product_info.php?cPath=102&products_id=704

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