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August 31, 2009



Additional drilling:

Please note my interpolations.

The chassis serial number matches the 7G605 sequence of serial numbers produced by the factory.

And? So, it was one of the two significant runs of that radio produced by Zenith. What would be remarkable is if it were out of sequence or had a special number. It does not. Indication: It started life as just one of a run.

The case and dial assembly parts were painted Signal Corps Green with Orange lettering.

But no indication of when this may have happened. Operative word: "Painted".

The original owner, Major H.J. Pomy was listed in the Signal Corps Officer Register and the stenciled serial number matches the registry and it places him in active service with that rank in 1943.

OK - so if he were a Major in 1943,he did not 'volunteer for active service' as was the statement in the previous description. So, that statement is significant by its absence this time.

The Signal Corps insignias (one on each end of the case) were hand painted and are authentic insignias.

Again, no indication as to when.

That the black grille cloth and gold Signal Corps Pin are exactly as we found the radio in the tube estate and was not changed in any way.....

... By the present holders of the radio. No indication when this change took or may have taken place in the last 60+ years.

That the radio has a military type headphone jack on the side of the case that is definitely "non-standard" with the 7G605 "sailboat and bomber" models.

Yep. And not an uncommon modification for those examples that spent a lot of time in the field. The jack could be accessed without opening the doors - keeping the weather off, and bugs out.

That the silk screened Major H.J. Pomy name was painted in Signal Corps Orange as was the front panel "band" and "tone" pushbutton controls as well as the airplane dial for station tuning.

Silk-screened, sure. Kits are available for that using photo-etch resist. Neat as you please once made.

That the tube numbers on the back of the chassis were painted on the chassis quite similar to the way that the later "military" Zenith models R520 and R520A were painted on their chassis.

Sure. Got the kit, why not go all the way. "Quite similar to" - artful use of works.

That this is only the 2nd personalized Trans-Oceanic radio known to exist (the other being Powell Crosley's known to be in the Smithsonian in Washington DC.) - there may be others that are not known.

Note the leap that this radio may be compared in any way to Powell Crosley's radio. This is the fallacy of propinquity - and that is being kind in the assumption that the seller truly does not know better - it is my strongly held opinion that the seller absolutely does so.

That the latches for the front and rear doors are exactly as found and are kept in place with split rivets. That these rivets were the same as those we replaced when replacing the rotted leather handle.

And. This is significant why? Is it to be distinguished from all the other repairs and modifications made?

That there is no indication that an original alligator 7G605 covering was taken off and the case sanded before being painted this special color scheme. (if this had actually be done, would an individual have had the ability to have the exact same split rivets and tool that the factory would have had?)

Split rivets and that tool were corner-hardware items of the time and still available now. More 24 karat bamboozle (in my opinion).

There is no indication that the rivets holding the latches for the front and rear doors were removed and replaced while changing the normal alligator covering to a sanded and painted exterior.

And why would they have to be removed? More 24K --- and on and on.


Any proof whatsoever that the above blather has any substance to it. Or that this radio is anything at all other than a heavily user-altered radio.

Gaaaaaaa.... .........

Jeffrey McMahon

Reminds me how much knowledge those appraisers have on Antique Road Show.


And it has already sold? Hmmm....

Kevin S

....and it sold with no bids! It looks like he had to yank the item again?


Jeff, hey are those fires getting close to you?

Jeffrey McMahon

KR, I live in the South Bay, about 30-40 miles away from the canyon fires. We've got thunder clouds above us. Could be a mixed bag on the effect thunder storms have on the fires.


jeff, we need in what order, if you were asked to evacuate your house, would you save your radios. lets say the fireman is out the window, you are in the radio room and he is saying, "hurry, hand them out to me."

that big lemon yellow one first?


I need to sell that yellow one. The weather is like Florida in the South Bay.


How can you people sleep with the mystery of this radio still unsolved?

More info on the Radio Era auction for the "Rare, of a Kind" 7G605 Special Radio

MORE INFORMATION - In the process of trying to find more information about this radio, and in tracing Major Pomy and his decendents, we found that he had a son with the same name, Herman John Pomy who was born in Chicago in 1924, and apparently enlisted when WWII started by signing with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). After the war, he became an Anglican Priest and was well known in religious circles until he passed away in 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee. We are currently trying to contact his sons (he had 3) to ask that since he was living in Chicago did they know if he worked for Zenith, was perhaps or was perhaps a priest or friends to/with Commander McDonald? We spoke to one of Herman John Pomy's (II) daughters but she felt that her brothers would have and know more information about their grandfather.
On a separate issue, upon a re-examination of the Signal Corps green case of this one of a kind radio, and using a magnifying glass, it would appear that the case was, in fact, covered with some sort of oil cloth before painting. The left front side of the case has a scrape and with a magnifying glass, one can see the weave of the oil cloth or whatever type cloth was used to cover the case before painting. We missed this before and should dispell some folks thoughts that it would have been covered with something rather than just to apply paint to the raw wood case. As we get more information, we will post to this auction and/or to the Radio Era website Trans-Oceanic museum.
One more item, since we are posting things we have found since listing this radio. We now know that Zenith apparently built two 7G605 models with a light brown alligator case (the normal production for both Sailboat and Bomber was dark brown). One of these two radios was personalized with the name of a Captain and was either painted or silk-screened in clear view of the airplane dial plate, and the other one was not personalized. And besides the Powell Crosley 7G605 that was personalized for him and is apparently in the Smithsonian Institute, apparently according to some notes apparently in the hands of an avid collector, Commander McDonald gave a personalized 7G605 T/O to President Harry Truman. I have seen the pictures of the light brown alligator cased radios but not the President Truman radio. So with all this in mind, we still believe that this is the only Signal Corps personalized radio found yet.

Jeffrey McMahon

KR, this is becoming more and more like the radio version of the Da Vinci Code.


wow, all u can eat commentary on this:


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