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August 01, 2009



Found this:


Don't know if it's a mockup or not, but probably is.

Mike W

And I just ordered an Eton G4000A yesterday!

OK, question one is this - the diagram linked to (fast work there, Matt) indicates that the new set will be 222 mm wide (8.75" inches), and the text mentions "smaller than ATS-909". But Amazon lists the ATS-909 as only 8.5" wide. What gives there?

The new text also points out that the 909X will be "much ruggid of rod antenna." One can only hope that it will be much long of ferrite antenna, as well. The original 909 does not give much reason to be optimistic about MW performance, however.

Jeffrey McMahon

I must say I like the look of this new Sangean.


Looks like a radio Apple would design.

Terry,  the Up Way Too Damn Late Person

I googled ATS-909XR and got Da Vinci Restaurant in Hoboken NJ.

Are they the authorized seller? Does it come with a side of cole slaw?


Hi I've find also this image


Any speculation on new capabilities -- the pictures suggest mainly cosmetic differences. I see the same number of memories; a little dust cover over the data port. Wish I saw a USB port and a promise of software integration. Don't care so much about sync detection; got it on 3 radios already and it's not that wonderful.

Mike W

Kurt, I know what you mean about sync detection. Once in a while it really locks onto & cleans up a tough signal, but more often is an encumberance that adds more noise than it's worth. Net result, for my tastes, is that I can do w/o it in a radio.

Terry,  the Get Up Way Too Damn Late Person

I'd forgotten how nice sync was. Fantastic for getting rid of distortion and knocking out squealing hets.

The only extra function I see on the 909XR is squelch. I don't see sync on it.

Tom Welch

I hope the 909X is a big winner, our hobby could use some excitement. I guess when the man at Sangean said the upgrade would have a "boatload of changes", he really meant it.


The ATS-909X had damn well better be a lot better than the current version. I have much cheaper radios that are more sensitive on AM and SW. Much rugged of rod antenna? How about making it sensitive enough that it doesn't need a longer whip antenna? Longer decent quality ferrite bars are relatively cheap. Thank goodness I only have $25.00 of my own money tied up in my RS DX-398, the same radio. I bought it for $100.00 when RS blew out the DX-398. RS gift cards paid for thr rest. I have never understood the appeal of this radio. You can still buy them from Amazon for $232.00. I think it's not worth anything close to that much. Clipping a short length of wire to the whip solves the SW sensitivity problem. It takes a passive loop to bring the AM up to par. Does anyone know why it needs a squelch control?

Mike W

Dennis, the page Matt links to above indicates it's for SW. Perhaps labeling it 'squelch' was a misnomer.


OK, it's 2010 -- anyone have any NEW info on when the 909 X will be out??

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