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September 30, 2009



How to order from Taobao, China's Ebay-like marketplace:

Taobao Agents







I wonder if you can "pause" live FM or AM radio with the new Sangean PR-D8 ... You can do this with the new iPod Nano (FM only).


I haven't heard reports of the FM sensitivity on the new iPod Nano. A good FM tuner or just an afterthought? I'd like to know.


To state what's probably obvious, the Sangean website now lists the PR-D8.


Don't get too excited about ordering the PR-D8. Universal Radio says the radio is "expected" in November, while Amazon offers the usual "temporarily out of stock" for a product they haven't even received yet.

Tom Welch

It will be interesting to see how Sangean does with this product, Sangean rarely puts a radio on the market that does not perform well given its targeted audience.

Sangean USA website also says November 2009 for availability. I can't wait to read the reviews on the PR-D8.

Mike W

Well it wasn't obvious to me, Tim, so I appreciate your pointing that out.

I see that a black version of the PR-D8 is posted on the Sangean site as well. Makes the set look much less like something that you'd measure your blood pressure with.

Whatever the PR-D9 turns out to be, I hope it's available in black as well.


any iPod Nano guinea pigs? definitely interested in the FM performance

and if it can tune down to 76 mhz


"Makes the set look much less like something that you'd measure your blood pressure with"...great remark Mike..you made my day. I can´t understand why Sangead keep doing radios only with that awful appliance-white color..


There's a black one (see Sangean website). It looks a lot better than the white one.


I haven't ordered the Sangean PR-D5 for that very reason. I can't get over the white with "chrome" buttons. Yuck!

Joe Silverman

I'm looking forward to the PR-D8. I hope Sangean releases a good product.


The ladies seem to like items that are white. One day I brought my PR-D5 into the kitchen to show my wife. I never got it back. White radios, white appliances, white purses, white book covers. They just like white. What, is Sangean sexist? We like black.


Tim, my wife loves the white Sangean PR-D5, her favorite.

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