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September 18, 2009



Nice find, and a good article!

I am new to this radio business, although I have always been fascinated by it.
I am mostly drawn by the design though, and the macho/millitary look of the GX300/RF888 is right up my alley. I was a sound engeneer for a decade, so ofcourse the sound is important too :)
Can´t wait to listen to it!

I had the winning bid on a red GX300 today on eBay Germany (Were they only called GX300 in Europe? Seen them branded as Cougars to!)
I payed 58 Euro, and I am pleased with that. It looks good, but is missing any ekstras as the strap, and mic.

Anyways - should you have additional info on this fine little thing, please contact me on testacorsa@yahoo.dk

Best regards from Denmark


Jeff: Condition is everything. Like stamps or coins---you pay a premium price for a clean and fully functional example of a classic radio. In fact, you can OVERPAY at $50.00 if the radio has been abused. At $200.00, I wouldn't say you got a bargain----but with scratch-free controls and a clean/straight cabinet (and the nylon strap to boot), you got what you paid for. This is a keeper.

Deryl Johnson

These 888's are really great radios. I bought one new when I was a kid working nights stocking shelves in a big supermarket. Everyone had two aisles to stock and everyone had a boom box, yet this 888 could cut through the other radios. The sound gets bigger the farther away you are. I used to take it to the beach with my girlfriend, and eventually the tuning dial, which is a long strip of film, let loose on one end and coiled up and disappeared. I assume that the glue on the spool overheated and softened up, and eventually failed. Now I'm in my fifties and replacing some of the items that I've lost but used to love. I lucked out and got a mint RF-888 on eBay for around $90. This thing is as new with no control or switch noise. It must have spent its whole life in a closet or something. I am thrilled to have my old radio back. I would highly recommend this model to any radio collector. Great article.

Dale Hayward

I found a nice RF 88 but it did not come with a manual. Can anyone help me please?


Dale, I have a PDF manual of the RF-888. Email me and I'll email it to you. My email is at the top of this blog.


I love my 888. The cabinet condition is good, not mint by any means----but the sound is simply fantastic.

Alex Farrugia

hi there - I bought the gx 300 (rf 888) around 37 years ago (which I bought for around 120 Euro) and its still a winner. I have replaced the telescopic antenna and I love its reception on medium wave-sensitive selective and clear. Shortwave is not bad at all considering its single conversion. MW reception is close to the rf-2200 though it does not have the rotatable ferrite rod antenna. The only item that needs replacing is the volume knob as its partly broken where the pot shaft fits so if anybody is willing to sell me on pls send an e mail to taurus47yp@gmail.com

Terry Davis

I have an RF 888 radio that is in need of restoration and repair can anybody give me the name of a reputable repair company preferably on the West Coast thank you.

spirits up

my RF-888 has stopped! no more sound out of it, took it to my avionic man and still no go! Ready to give up. any body out there ready to help?

John Negvesky

Place send me pdf of the early RF888 mammal of possible. Much thanks!


Great thread,
I was cleaning out my garage a few months ago and found my RF-888 that I purchased new in 1975 for $79 at the old Treasury (no defunk. I powered it up and it worked great. I live close to a hill and don't get much signal, yet this radio could pull in stations I get static from on my other radios. The one day I turned in on nothing. I am looking for schematics anyone able to find any?

Lise-Anne Dore

I lucked out and bought this radio for $8 a few years ago from a second-hand store. Bought it because it plain cool looking!
I knew nothing of it. It's in great condition and everything seems to work except the dial light battery check. Great sounding radio. I haven't fully explored it's potential as far as mix rec, imp, rhythm, and mxp input/ outputs. I'm not sure what they do.

I think it's fun that I can plug in a mic and it belts out vocals clearly even with it's radio playing. I bought it thinking I might be about to amplify my harmonica. I want to play around with the set up more.

Herculodge and others, its over 10 years since you offered the pdf manual. Do you or does anyone else gave one? My email us la_dore@hotmail.com
Thanks you,
Lise-Anne BC, Canada

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