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October 12, 2009



WARNING: DO NOT OPEN ANY GE SUPERADIO'S REAR COVER. I can almost guarantee you 100% of the time you will beak the Power Switch! And there is no easily available replacement. Better to have a very slightly misaligned radio than one you can't even turn on or off. Take it from one who knows.


I have the GE branded SRIII from about five or six years ago. So, you're saying that the RCA branded SRIII on the shelves _right now_ has slightly better quality and/or corrected components?


To Moogbass:
The answer is YES the RCA have a better alignment than the previous GE but you can still extract more performance from the radio because the IF transformers are not very tight adjusted.

To ED and whoever be:
Before open the case of your Superadio 1,2 or 3 take off the ON cap and push the ON switch, and then open the case first from the bottom.

If you need a switch I can provide a NEW one that´s almost like the original.

big oil

I just bought a GE SR radio III at a swap meat for 1 dollar. There were stickers covering the two half’s of the radio that said CALIPATRIA STATE PRISION PROPERTY LABEL REMOVAL IS CAUSE FOR DISCIPLINARY ACTION. These stickers were the kinds that are impossible to remove without destroying the label, the ones that void the warranty if removed. On the edges of the labels there was yellow paint just to be sure. Every screw hole was filled with rubber cement. The handle was broken off and the antenna was removed, two potential weapons gone. Scribed on top of the radio was the name MOSLEY D17532 SER# 2384.

When I got the radio home the volume knob was broken so I tried to remove the labels without destroying them, and failed. I picked out the rubber cement removed the screws and proceeded to separate the two half’s of the radio. Pushing the on button in as far as I could I was able to open the radio without breaking the switch. How I did it without breaking the switch I have no idea but I did it. When I looked inside I was shocked to see that this radio was Gerry rigged with random wires running from god knows where to god knows what, and all of it taped down with scotch tape. I couldn’t get the volume knob to work so I threw the radio out.

After reading this post I dug the radio out of the trash and pulled the on cap off, how easy was that. I can’t help thinking that MOSLEY D17532 is smarter then me, and certainly smarter then Calipatria state prison.


I'm glad you only paid a dollar for it.


Ah...but there is an easily replaceable power switch and it's just dandy. My new switch allows me to open up the rig without any further stress to switches or wires. Eventually, I will show it on here if I can figure out how to post other than "comments". By the way, the RF 2200 is far more selective and sensitive than anything, I mean anything out there. I have the GE. Very noisy and flimsy. As you point out about the power switch. On the other hand, the 2200 is a tank.


BTW, my GE SR1 is for sale for 75 bucks and is in beautiful condition (with a new pretty power switch) Any takers?


i saw a GE SR3 on closeout for $59, is that a good deal? thanks.

also, from the Ask Herc line, are all my radios going to go extinct when HD radio comes out? thanks.


KR, I see RCA Super Port radios on Amazon for about $45. They're the same as the GE SR3. Regarding HD radio, I hate it. I have two, a Sangean and a Sony and their AM was rank. Never again.

Keith Beesley

KR, HD radio is here. I have the Radio Shack Accurian HD table radio, now discontinued. It works great on FM, ok on AM during the day, not so well at night due to interference problems.

Consumers have been slow to embrace HD radio (most don't even know what it is), so don't worry. Traditional radio will be around for some time to come.


I stumbled on this really very interesting discussion/site as I was starting to google for a replacement antenna for my SR1. I got it a million years ago to replace the truly best AM/FM (also sw, but that's irrelevant) radio I've ever known, the Tandberg portable. But, the GE SR1 was great, too. anyhow, some years ago the power switch went on the fritz. I couldn't find a replacement so I cobbled up a switch into the side of the radio and left the hole where the old one was. Then, while the radio was in the garage, somebody dropped something on it and broke the dial-cover and the antenna. Now, I'd settle for a replacement antenna. Is there a way to find one that fits and matches?
Thanks for all the great chatter.

Dave Stevens

I have been an avid collector of GE Super radio I & II. I have recently purchased a couple of old GE Supe Star Radios Model 7-2850. Am I wrong or are these radios basically the same inside. The Super Radio is 'opened up' a bit more but the components are the same. Anyone know for sure?


Very simple to replace flimsy power button with rugged rocker type switch. I found one that easily and nicely snapped into the existing square hole of the SR. Lights up. Looks and works great. Granted not oringinal. But if your aim is to keep the radio and tinker with the goodies inside, well then, problem solved>>>

Bryne Hagstrom

To Huesby - I'm interested in the replacement power switch for the SRII as I've just broken mine. After several hours of tinkering, I give up. (plus, I lost one of the pieces). I tried swapping a SR1 switch - but, it won't fit. Can you provide contact details? Thanks.

Bryne Hagstrom

Does anyone have any information about a compatible replacement power switch for the GE Superadio2? The original superadio power switch isn't compatible as it won't fit in the mounting slot...the plastic would have to be cut away. Rather than a "hack"', I'd like to find a push button switch which would accommodate the original plastic on/off button cover as well as fit into the slot inside the radio. If anyone knows of a compatible part, please respond. The original powe switch was an Alps. Thanks!

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