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November 29, 2009


Sam from Philly

Hello val,
I recently became a proud owner of the MK2. Two questions for you:
Have you found a decent case/cover for this beautiful radio?
Do you hear a loud electrical 'pop' sound from the radio's speaker when you turn in ON?
I agree that it is an exceptionally good and well built radio. Thank you in advance for your answers.


Are these made in Japan? Are any portable radios anymore?


The EX5(Mk2) even is a Japan-market product only, and I'd be surprised if they were made anywhere else.

The picture also shows another Japan-made set: The ICF-SW7600GR.

I guess the Mk2 update was necessary because they ran out of ICs - the sync detector in the original model certainly was similar to the 2010's, and the AM stereo IC used there must have been out of production for years now, just like the audio power amp. It's amazing that they could keep the original EX5 going for close to 25 years anyway - I guess having a big chip inventory helps!


This radio can be found and purchased new on ebay. Do an advanced search for the buyfromjapan store and they have these models. Unfortunately the dials are in japanese.


Sorry for delay.
EX-5 Doesn’t have electrical sound at list if you in area where is a static. In my case I am in this area.
This particular radio made in Japan and only in Japan. I never heard about any replica.
Case for radio I did from soft fabric and I guess it is hard to find something suitable.
Adapter I bought from Japan and it work very well and almost doesn’t have noise. Recommend. Cheers.

Phil Ireland

I have just purchased this radio from Japan. I am very keen on high performance AM portable radios and as my EX5 Mk2 arrived yesterday, I've had the opportunity to put it side by side with my Sangean PR-D5 as well as my Sony ICF 2001D. Both the ICF EX5 Mk2 and the PR-D5 have the same sensitvity, they hear the same weak MW stations equally. The selectivity on the EX5 Mk2 is slightly better especially with the Synch detector employed but the audio on the PR-D5 is stronger and it has the benefit of the frequency display. So it depends on your listening tastes which one is better. Both radios could have improvements, the EX5 Mk2 could do with a wide/ narrow filter and better audio whereas the PR-D5 could have tighter filters and an external MW antenna connector. Against the Sony ICF 2001D, the EX5 Mk2 was significantly better on MW. My next test will be to put the EX5 Mk2 against my National Panasonic DR22 (RF2200). Can I recommend the radio? A definite yes if your interests are in MW listening. FM on this radio is good, about the same as the PR-D5 but unless you only want to listen to Nikkei Radio, forget the EX5 Mk2 for any shortwave. I do like this radio very much, if I were to choose between the EX5 Mk2 or the PR-D5, it would be too difficult, both radios have strengths and weaknesses, just comes down to you listening preference as both radios hear MW very well, too close to decide so best to have both! I hope readers have found my comparisons helpful.

Phil Ireland

I forgot to add, on the EX5 Mk2, there is a loud pop in the speaker when you turn the radio on, perhaps it is common on these radios. I'm not sure also if the radio is a double superheterodyne on MW as I have an image from my local MW radio station on 1503 khz appearing around 594 khz which is annoying. The PR-D5 does not have this problem. Tuning is very smooth on the EX5 Mk2.



This review by Gary De Bock of the ICF-EX5 (the previous version) says it's double conversion. Perhaps the Mk2 is as well.


Here's a review of the Mk2 by Jay Allen.


Phil Ireland

Hi Gary,

Yes I read both those excellent reviews before I decided to buy the Sony. I too thought that it was double conversion as well but perhaps they are referring to the crystal controlled shortwave frequencies. Having that image makes me wonder but I can't read the Japanese manual so I may well be wrong. It doesn't detract from an otherwise excellent radio. I'm certainly pleased I bought it. The radio handles being coupled to a passive loop much better than the PR-D5 which should aid in extracting even more from it!

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