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December 17, 2009



Herc: Did you see the Gilligan's Island reunion movie a few years ago? It was sort of a documentary about the making of the series. Tina Louise was not part of it----but the surviving cast members at that time included Dawn Wells, Russel Johnson and I believe Bob Denver too. Put it this way: They SMOKED Ginger. They basically characterized her as a full of herself, bitch----self absorbed, rude and arrogant toward fans of the show. I always wondered why there was so much anger toward her. I remember that in the 70's, when they had a couple TV movies about the series (when they were rescued---and when they went back to the Island with the Harlem Globetrotters), Tina Louise had no interest in rejoining the cast. I wonder if they held a grudge---and if they are exagerrating how much of a bitch she was?

Jeffrey McMahon

I never saw the reunion, but I heard about it. Seems very unfair toward Ginger, indeed.

John K.

Well, I watched that show during it's original run and also have seen online discussion and pictures of the radio used in the show on some online radio forum years ago. This is not the same model. Probably wouldn't take much searching online to find the original, I just don't have
time for that now.

jeffrey McMahon

Thanks for your detective work. Do you know exactly what model was used on the show? Was it even a Magnavox?

Keith Rennie

That's it...


Tom S.

I believe it was a Packard Bell AR-851.


Well, I'll let you know how it performs. I won it. Thank God for Esnipe!

charles house

How much are you asking for the radio ?

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