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December 29, 2009



Jeff, re your Internet radio aversion. I wholly concur that listening to "radio" via your computer is unsatisfying. But listening to Internet stations on an actual radio (forget the signal source) is qualitatively different: using tuning and volume dials on a unit that looks every bit a radio, hearing the sound come out of its speakers, etc. is not all that unlike listening to a terrestrial radio. After a few minutes, the experience is much the same. Honest. Borrow one if you have to and do a test drive.


Jeff, maybe sometime you can paste all the pictures of all the worksite radios in a single article and i can use my calibrated eyeball to tell you which one looks best, AT NO CHARGE to you...

i like the yellow one better than the red one above, but i would have to peel the word "lunchbox" off of it in order to use it.


Jeff: This is very easy to figure out. You are attracted to these "worksite" radios for the same reason upper middle class or wealthy suburban yuppies in my area are buying Range Rovers or Land Cruisers---it's all about image, and there's nothing wrong with that. People around here kept their Hummers and Rovers parked in their garages during our 20" snowstorm last week. When Spring arrives, they'll park their workhorse Taurus Station Wagons behind their house, and I'll start seeing the luxury 4WD vehicles again. In the muddy slush and road salt mix on the roads, these people are driving the Taurus, Sable or old Volvo wagon they bought for their Nanny to use----they don't want to to get the sport utes dirty. The worksite radios are like the big, capable sport utes in style---but hopfully you won't be afraid to put one on the asphalt when you wash your car, or on the ground when you're working in your garden. A few scratches will be a badge of honor. As for internet radio, I couldn't agree with you more.

Mike W

Jeff, don't beat yourself up too much for wanting a blue-collar radio without a working a blue-collar job. It's become the American way, at least in middle-class suburbs. After all, how many pickups & SUV's in the US are used as de facto station wagons, for grocery shopping and such? People mall-crawl in expensive hiking boots. Just yesterday I was reading a column by Jeremy Clarkson in the UK, written after a trip to the USA. He was pointing out how everyone here tries to dress like the Witchita lineman, even multi-millionaires like Bruce Springsteen.

Doug, thanks for pointing out how much the new internet radios feel like terrestrial radios. That's exactly what I was hoping would be the case. Every year I get a little closer to taking the plunge, just not quite yet...

Mike W

Geez, I should have read all the comments before I posted that, I wouldn't have knowingly rehashed so much of Angelo's comment. Pity there's no 'unpost button'.

Jeffrey McMahon

I'd be surprised if I didn't have an Internet radio 5 years from now. But I'm in no rush.

Doug, your point about me scuffing my Hummer radio may be more accurate than I'd like to believe.


Jeffrey, know anyone in Canada? They're giving the lunchboxes away up there. http://www.londondrugs.com/Cultures/en-US/Product+Detail/Electronics.htm?BreadCrumbs=Electronics;Electronics;Portable%20Radio;Radio;eHome%20AM/FM%20Lunchbox%20Radio%20-%20Yellow%20-%20EU155Y&Catalog=Electronics&Category=Radio&ProductID=3858214&ProductTab=3

Jeffrey McMahon

In spite of my Canadian heritage on my father's side, I have no connections who would buy and ship that great Lunchbox deal to me.

Ken K.

I'm getting interested in the Lunchbox radio. Does anyone know what kind and how many batteries it takes, or is it plug-in only? Any reports on battery life? There doesn't seem to be any information on that.


I too keep postponing the purchase of an internet radio. It's tempting, but I live not far from NY City, so, like Jeff, I have many options on regular radio, plus there is my music collection when I'm not listening to radio.

Jeffrey McMahon

Ken, Val didn't mention the type of batteries in his review. If he's reading this, maybe he can tell us shortly. Don't be surprised if I buy the Lunchbox when it becomes available.

Shawn Patrick

Don't worry about it Herc, I doubt if anyone is going to buy these radios to listen at a actual worksite. It's going to be white collar males if anyone like you Herc buying them.

Got to admit, when Herc gets fixated on something, it takes him a while to break off of it.

Don't know if internet radio will take off, most can already tune into internet stations via their computer or laptop or they just put music on their ipod and listen that way. Satelitte radio turned out to be a bust to say the least.

Happy New Year.

Flor L.

I have a Lunchbox now for 2 years and it's great. It has very good reception and a very good sound quality. Much better than most worksite radios. It's very compact and really rain-resistant (jis4), most other brands don't tell you in detail about this (!!??? makes you wonder..). It has almost 3 metres rubber cable that can be easily rolled up on the back. To the question of Ken K.; it works on AC and batteries (4 x C size). On average volume it plays 4-5 working days on these batteries. The Lunchbox is my buddy at work.
Happy New Year from Europe.

Mario C.

I own a Lunchbox since April 2009 in Canada. It is my favourite radio for everyday use. I even posted a short review on http://dxer.ca/the-forum?func=view&id=1977&catid=27#1977 few months ago.

Jeffrey McMahon

Thanks, Mario. I read your review. I wonder if the Lunchbox's speaker is the same as the Sangean U-3's. I ask because some complain that the U-3 is bass-heavy making it difficult to hear voices on talk radio. If the speakers are the same, the U-3 is costlier but with a an aux output and a headphone jack, both of which are lacking in the Lunchbox.

Jeffrey McMahon

Mario, I just read your review again and the 5-inch speaker would make it a bit smaller than the U-3's. Who knows? Perhaps the Lunchbox's slightly smaller speaker is an advantage for talk radio.

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