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January 19, 2010



I have both the R-911 (in Kaito WRX911 clothing) and R-912 (not 9012). The link in the post above has a picture of the 912.

The 912 is just a touch more advanced than 911: earpiece output is stereo for FM, rather than mono (on the 911 & 9012). Switching from FM to SW/MW on the 912 is via push-button, and defaults to FM on power-up. All of the bands on the 911 are accessed via the slider below the display. Shortwave reception is a bit better on the 912 than on the 911, and includes a band missing on the 911. I haven't compared FM/AM.


Both are small, quality-feeling radios, and are great fun to use. I often grab one just to tune around the SW dial before jumping to a better rig. Analog is still better for that.


Does the 912 tune in 5070 and/or 5875?


Yep, it'll grab both of 'em. InfoWars is safe.

Kevin S.

The 9012 and 912 both will tune 5070, but are listed as only going down to 5900. It is likely that there is a little slop, and they can likely be aligned to tune lower, but the factory specs say 5900 is the bottom of the 49m band.


Appreciate it guys as these are two of my favorite stations. Yes I like to listen to info wars. One reason why I like SW is the ability to hear many different perspectives that are not main stream in the US. Alex Jones is becoming more mainstream.

I assume they also get 12160 as well. Again I appreciate it Guys. Sounds like the 912 is the better radio to get. Like I need another radio :o)

Jack M

I dunno, guys. I bought a WRX911 a couple of years ago to use as a portable SW receiver and it was a disappointment, even for the the low price. Reception on all bands was mediocre and the build quality was poor. Maybe their QC has improved.


Blake: I never thought that Alex Jones would be "mainstream" but I catch him on SW from time to time and in a weird way, you're absolutely right---it's like the threshold keeps changing and now he isn't that far out there. By the way, for good little cheap radios, try Kaiwa. They made respectable little receivers that are sometimes available on E-Bay for a song. I picked up two of them and they ain't bad.


what's on 12160? i listen to alex too, but sometimes i can't stand the commercials every 3 minutes that he has going.

¾ Blind

I think I heard Joyce Riley on 12160, or was it 12172...? She was a regular on AM Coast-to-Coast about 10 years ago. Like Alex Jones she straddles the quasi mainstream airwaves on late night AM and fringe element on SW.


Alex Jones is on live on 12160 from 11:00AM to 3:00 PM CST. When he is on at night on 5070 it is a replay of the 11-3 broadcast.

I also like Dr Stan Montieth on 5875 at 10:00 PM CST.


"now he isn't that far out there."
Sometime the entertainment value is high, but HE IS pretty far out there.
Considering where he's from I'm sure he has to be concerned about a lot of possibilities?
But from someone who I know that's talked with him, away from the mic he's a very mellow nice guy.

jerry popiel

Is there any info on the pocket size Tecsun R-218 Radio? Price is around $16.00 USD. Is this a new offering by Tecsun?

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