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January 12, 2010



Sounds to me like dirty contacts combined with something sticky (cola, juice, etc) spilled into the top of the radio. The sugar residue is causing the buttons to adhere to one another. I had something similar happen to an alarm clock. It usually doesn't take much to mess up tactile-type switches unless they are sealed.

Tom Welch

Back in the mid 1990s, I took my 20 year old Nakamichi tape deck to their service center in Torrance, California. Google Nakamichi and call them. Ask Nakamichi if they can handle this problem or can recommend someone who can.

This radio is worth spending some $$$$ on.

Dan Somers

I agree with moogbass. Most likely it's dirty, gummed-up buttons causing your issues. If you want to tackle this yourself, disassemble the radio and determine if the gummy residue is water-soluable, e.g, residue from cola, juice, etc. If water soluable, then use a solution of warm water and a drop or two of dishwashing liguid to remove the residue using Q-tips dampened with the mixture. Then use 91% isopropyl alcohol to wipe everything you touched with water. The isopropyl will act like the dry gas you add to cars to absorb moisture, then it will evaporate. Finally, spray DeoxIT brand contact cleaner on all switch contacts. You can get small quantities of DeoxIT at Radio Shack or a more reasonably priced larger can of DeoxIT at Guitar Center stores. If you find gummy residue that's not water soluable, then start with alcohol followed by DeoxIT.


Moogbass and Dan Somers mean well but, they haven't really being into one of these units. These units use encapsulated momentary contact switches that aren't "cleanable". It has more to do with the photo light resistor (for light, dark changes). Take to a dark room, shine flashlight into light sensor on front of unit. Turn flashlight off and on a few times. Press power button. It will work mostly but, when alarm comes on, it will come on full blast. Look to replace light sensor.


I had good ole radio shack contact cleaner. I took the unit apart, took it outside and systematically sprayed all of the buttons and contacts. When you do that, press the buttons and you will see that the buttons come back to life when you carefully put it back together. I have the black unit and the TM-2 has no audio, but I will deal with that another time!

It is a superb unit. Use it in good health.


The problem with the controls not working on the face and the power button intermittant is because the snooze button has fatigued and is placing too much pressure on the micro switch underneath. Take the radio apart and remove the switch panel to reveal the plastic button that controls the "snooze" feature. It will have some kind of physical problem that can be seen and corrected. I found mine just needed to have the plastic tensioner straightened out to relieve the pressure and the problem was solved. This is an easy fix, just need a phillips head screwdriver and a little care in disassembly and reassembly. Good Luck.

Bob Pettit

There is a Nakamichi bulletin extant and the 20 page user flyer is also available. But I have not been able to find a schematic. Love this radio, have both the main and satellite and have used it for years. But there are two issues that I have - 1. doesn't keep correct time, keeps losing time - the bulletin addresses this = change capacitor. 2. Switches go bonkers, cannot shut the thing off - bulletin also addresses this with pull up resistors from switches to power (+5V if I remember correctly). However, both of these fixes specifically address pin numbers of an IC and a specific capacitor. Without the schematic I am lost.

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