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January 12, 2010



Check the photos - seller is pretty gutsy setting this monster of a portable crossways on the railing in a tippy, precarious position. Hope it didn't take a tumble during the photo shoot!

Gary Saltz

I know the seller of the Hitachi and he is a major collector and Ham like me. He is one smart guy and would never take a chance on damage to a rare radio. I have the same radio in near 9.9 condition and is valued by me at $5000. Only a handful in the world. A real treat to own one of these. They are great performers! Most of these get sold in private and never hit Ebay. Any of these that hit the marked go for $1500 to $5000 and over. So limited and so beautiful. Has special NOAA receive and the if the clock works, a revolving airplane! If any of you have the money, buy the radio as it is very special and worth having if you are a true collector. Also, copy the pics as Robert took some beauties!!



Gary: Wow, that is a lot of money. It'll be interesting to see what this one finally sells for.

Gary Saltz

The above referred KH-5000 was just sold to me in a private sale on 11/27/2011. I now have two of the rarest, most beautiful radios in the world and am so fortunate. Makes this hobby so great! I know of only two others in the US and they belong to collector friends of mine. Keep up the hobby as a great find will be yours someday. Tip...2 of the 4 mentioned radios were found at swap meets or garage sales and were offered for $25!! The other 2 were EBay Canada and USA.

Keith Beesley

Congratulations, Gary.
The Ebay photos have been down, but here's a blog I found with photos of the KH-5000 and many other Japanese sets of similar vintage.


Keith Beesley

Sorry, meant to say "Ebay photos have been taken down."

The Buzz Thrift Store

One of the KH-5000's was donated to my Thrift Store in Florida. It needs some TLC:
1. SW antenna comes out
2. Carrying handle is broken
3. Battery compartment has some evidence of batteries left too long.

I was able to turn it on and at least the FM works. I know nothing about the rest, so don't know what else does/doesn't work. I am looking to sell it, but would hesitate to ship. Anyone still interested in these?


@The Buzz Thrift Store

How much is your asking price less shipping ?


James Watterson

Buzz Thrift,

Do you still have your KH-5000? Are you interested in selling? If so, how much?

J. Watterson

Robert Cummings

I have a Hitachi KH-5000. The FM band on it works but I can no longer get anything on the shortwave or longwave bands. I'm trying to find someone to fix it. If anyone is interested in buying it or knows of someone who repairs a model this old (1974), please contact me.


James miller

I have a hitachi kh-5000 in really good condition everything works looking to sell out of work so make me an offer


Wat would you ask for this kh 5000 , i am seeking one ,,,carlo

james miller

$3000 contact me at inked4life.jm@Gmail.com


I have this very very rare short wave radio for collectors I learnt only a handful in the world. It's a Hitachi KH -5000 a 20 band broadband receiver beautiful and sounds great.radio collectors will appreciate this one. I want to sell, it's valued at $5000 but will accept a reasonable price.

Ben Dantonio

I also have one of these units and it seems to work, being that I'm a toy guy the radio needs to go to a good home. I'm in Ca. and my number is 619-750-8770 I know they have value but I'm happy to talk to you with a fair offer. Up for sale hitachi kh 5000 that needs a good home. Ben

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