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February 27, 2010


Radio Russ

I've also wanted one of those Angelo. Way to go on this snag. That baby looks clean.

I'm picking up 740 clear as a bell tonight also. Now playing "Hang on Sloopy".


Russ: It arrived in pretty clean condition, but I still did a quick detailing on it.
I tried Shortwave tonight----it's adequate but not a "station stalker." I'd consider it average on SW, which is to say it doesn't compare well with some of the better Sonys I've used, but it's far from deaf. Overall, I'd recommend one.


Angelo. Nice score! Those vertical format radios seem to have an especially vintage look. I enjoyed your little mini-essay at the end, re how owning old radios is a way to own a piece of "active history", and one that brings new enjoyment every time it is used. This is indeed a major part of the strong allure vintage radios have, and you nail it. Thanks, Doug


Doug: One thing that's fun to ponder, especially on the older radios, is "What broadcasts came out of those speakers?" For example, my GE P780 probably dates to around 1958. I wonder if that radio was on for historic World Series games? Or, was it playing in someone's bedroom late at night giving details of the Kennedy assasination? (Back then, many people only had a television in their living room and turned the radio on when they turned in for the night.). Maybe this Allied/Aircastle(assuming it's as old as I think it is) was broadcasting the Watergate hearings or news about Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy and Vietnam body counts. That's the magic of old radios---little time machines.


The 2682 was the 2nd radio I used as young DX'er -- I thought it was a major leap into pro radio listening at the time. It did in fact bring me many countries before I upgraded to a Hammarlund HQ-180 in the late 70's.

Numerous 2682s and the Aircastles have been on EBay in recent months, some in better condition than others.

I was lucky to snag a NEW IN BOX 2682 a couple of years ago -- it's absolutely unused and pristine.

One of the bonuses of the 2682 is that it's a pretty darn good AIR/VHF receiver.

Watch those antennas -- if you break one of the rabbit ears it's impossible to obtain a replacement unless you buy a second radio to do it.


Dan: The antennas on mine are good---but just curious, couldn't you use a stock Radio Shack replacement antenna if these broke?


Angelo - Congratulations on snagging an excellent radio! I had an Allied 2682 many years ago in college (1971-1975). My father helped me order it from the Allied catalog. I used it in college, graduate school, and finally gave it away when my wife and I moved to Houston, TX, in 1990. The one disappointment I had with the 2682 was that the dial cord broke from over-use. Rather than try to re-string a new cord, I purchased a vernier dial and mounted it to the side of the radio, connected it to the tuning capacitor, and I was good to go! It was a very durable radio. I hope you get as many years out of yours as I did mine!

gerrie pearce

i have a model 2682 solid state 8 band receiver .can i get an owners manua anymore?


To answer a question posted earlier this year on the antenna for the 2682 -- no you can't just use a RS replacement, because the rabbit ears come out of a solid metal "ball" at the bottom of the ears -- if one breaks, that's pretty much it.


does anyone know if i can get an owners maual for a 2682 radio.I have a really nice radio ,but cant figure out short band.

Paul Schuler

Any reco's for a good external SW antenna configuration for this unit? I want to use mine primarily for SW.....Thanks!!

[email protected]

Ed Strnad

Angelo, I found a really clean Allied 2682 today at a hamfest for only $25. Works well on DC, but plugged into AC, the internal transformer has a bad mechanical hum that is audible even when the power switch is off! It must be a a defective xformer, for it seems to be screwed down really well, and even has locktite on the screws... Guess it will have to be a battery-only set. It is amazingly well built, as you mentioned, and I can say it's much more solid than equivalent models I've had from Lafayette and RadioShack. The "fine tuning" dial effect seems very minor on AM band. The noise reduction switch doesn't seem to do anything. As you mention, it is great on the AIR band, but so-so on SW and PSB bands. Antennas are perfect, unique kinda rabbit-ears. A little hard to grasp the shallow tuning knob.... Nice sound from a big speaker. Only other problem is the cover knob you grasp to open up the fold-down cover has been broken off. What does it look like? Maybe I can make a replacement.


Ed: I will get a photo of that cover knob to Jeff. I haven't used the radio in a while, but I know where it is!


Yes, on the antenna issue for the 2682, the previous comment was correct -- the antennas are built into a ball at the base so you can't just use a replacement from RS

Joe Manoliu

Angelo,liked your review of your Allied 2682.Yours looks like new!I received mine for my 11th Birthday in NYS.Yes, my father and I spent many evenings on our screened porch DX'ing!This radio followed the family to Texas (20 yrs) than to Alabama (17 yrs.).After my folks' passing,I brought the same radio with me back to NYS in 2011.Everything still works (including indicator bulbs).Both antennas though,haven't survived too well- both now about 10" long.Still use this radio almost every day and with each use carries with it great memories!

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