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February 19, 2010



While I am no longer using the CCrane transmitter, I can vouch for the fact that it is a good transmitter for the money. Many people have found that it works better after adjusting the pot that is hidden under the back label. I've heard that making the adjustment can void your warranty, so be aware...

I use a transmitter for my internet radio and HD Radio listening, and it has revolutionized my radio entertainment. I can listen to whatever I want anywhere in my house or yard.

Being obsessed with having the best I can get, I've spent much more than one will spend on the CCrane, though I do like my setup. Most people should be more be pleased with the CCrane, especially after making the adjustment to the pot.




What is your FM (or AM) transmitter setup?

Brian (scooby214)

Look in my comment in Jeff's post about Brian's Logitech Squeezebox, just undervthis post. I was probably too wordy there in describing my setup. My next addition will be an audio processor. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.



can it broadcast in the Japan band? too much crap above 88


I also have the cCrane FM transmitter and after I made the mod, it works great and covers my entire house. I have connected the transmitter to my Squeezebox Boom and it now transmits to all my vintage and shortwave radios in the house. But here's the best part, I have an iPhone and have purchased the iPeng application which allows you to control the Squeezebox from any room in the house. So I can turn any radio on and tune to where I am broadcasting the transmitter and then select whatever stream I want. Perfect. This also will work with the iPod Touch connected to your wireless wifi network.


I had the cCrane but promptly returned it. They gave me a hard time about the return but did not tell me about the mod. I suspect it would have worked ok if I had made the mod. I have a Whole House Transmitter (www.wholehousefmtransmitter.com) that works great.

Brian (Scooby214)

IX, the EDM transmitters only go down as far as 87.7 Mhz, so no Japan band broadcasting to speak of. Some people have success using 87.7 or 87.9. My area has no truly vacant channels, though I do have a couple of good choices on second adjacent channels to local stations. I keep my transmitter turned down to the point that I have good reception all over my house and yard, but not at any distance from my house (to avoid interference issues for my neighbors). If I turn my transmitter up to the full 100mw, it will cover more than a mile radius when used with my omnidirectional attic dipole. I have no desire to attract FCC attention, though...

John W

I use my FM transmitter to broadcast my WiFi radio throughout my home. I do not live in a crowded FM market. This makes it is easy for me to do.

If you live in a market that is crowded with FM signals which negates the use of an FM transmitter then I suggest using the DigiFi Opera S1. It uses a 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver to send lossless audio from the source to the wires earbuds. There are other wireless 2.4GHz models from DigiFi, but having used several I prefer the Opera S1’s. They are built on Kleer’s KLR3012 chipset.

Up until a week ago you could purchase them direct from Kleer for $95. There sporadic sites you can purchase them for about <$120. Also, Radio Shack just branded these headsets and is selling them for $130. They are pricey, but for the lossless audio and the ability to transmit in a crowded FM market they are a dream come true.

Besides price the other downside is range. There is no after-market way to mod the range on these. You can get 45 feet line of sight and 15 feet with significant obstacles/walls in the way.

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