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March 05, 2010


Jeffrey McMahon

Blake, I'd like to see some photos and a review. How did you know about the new version?

Tom Welch

Blake, where did you buy the 2nd edition of this radio?


On the Universal Radio site it says now with metal knobs. Also here at the 01-12-2010, 11:21 PM post that reviews the radio:


I got it at Universal Radio not because of the price but because I like to purchase from them. They have spent a good deal of time on the phone answering my questions. Their techs folks are very knowledgeable and have been patient with me. I also like the water resistant emergency radio that came with it (not a great radio but a neat one). It works well in my bathroom being loud enough to hear while the shower is going.


I played with this new version at our local Frys. The main tuning knob was distinctly wobbly. Is yours the same?




Two things on the VFO knob:

1. The review at the RadioRefernce link above has a detailed description of the VFO knob. I feel that this description is consistent with my unit. I only get a little play in the VFO when I am using the dimple and scanning at a fast speed. Not really a wobble though. Wobble is much to strong a word. Most tuning is not done this fast due to the sheer numbers of stations this unit hears and there is no play in normal tuning, just solid. I have not yet tightened my VFO like the guy did in the review.
2. If you look at the link to the youtube video that I gave Jeff, you will see there are several videos put out by the same guy on this radio. My VFO knob behaves just like what you see on this video. Just a slight amount of play when you scan fast.

Could I image a more solid VFO knob? Yes. However it is not a distraction. To me the VFO knob is one of my favoirite things about the radio. I use it all the time and it works great. It is very smooth and professional feeling. When my Dad visited me from out of town he played with the radio and the first thing he noticed was how smooth and nice the VFO was to use.


Some very useful radio repair tips from Ed - probably deserves its own blog posting:

Touch up paint for old radios:

Go to a hobby store where they sell models and model trains. Usually, they have "Chrome" touch up paint or "Chrome" spray paint. You might have to go for the spray paint, which looks more like foil. If you want to touch up with a brush, spray the chrome paint on a piece of handi-wrap or other plastic wrap - or a plastic bag and quickly dip the brush in it while it's puddled and wet, then paint as you normally would. I suggest masking around the touch up area with tape so you don't blotch outside the area that you want to touch up. I've done this and it makes for a really nice repair.

Missing Antenna Tips

Also, for missing antenna tips - model a piece of "Mighty Putty" into a shape that looks like an antenna tip and mold it on the top of the antenna. After a day, it's dry and hard and can then be painted silver, black or red - whatever you want it to be, and it makes the antenna look whole again. For missing battery compartment doors ... well, that's for another time, but I've found ways to do it!

Shawn Patrick

Yea, the Grundig 750 is starting to get good reviews on shortwave reception... after the initial round of somewhat negative reviews... and most of those reviews were comparing it to the ICOM R-75 and Satelitt 700... both of which cost at least twice as much as this unit MSRP.

After the disaster of the Eton E1, they have learned their lesson it looks like.


E-Bay 380212705148
Wow, old/new in box...like being in a time machine.


I bought 2 recently, 1 from AES ham and one from Radio Shack, both have the update knob and antenna tip. i find it to be a truly versatile and user friendly radio. I can easily swing it on and off my desk as needed,and the AM reception is really quite good as i am comparing it on my desk to the RF-2200. I am seeing them for $180 on ebay and if that is the second version it truly is a deal. I don't know why people were so hard on this one from the get go.

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