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March 21, 2010



Comment about the performance of that radio please, I've always wanted to have one.


Nice radio and I too would like to hear about it's reception and sound quality.

Dan Somers

Hugo and Angelo ... the Panasonic RF-7270 Royal-Aire is exceptionally good for a 40-year-old radio. It's not quite an RF-2200 or RF-888 in terms of sensitivity and selectivity, but the RF-7270's audio fidelity is superior. Not quite hi-fi, but it sounds pretty good playing an old Solid Gold Rock n' Roll cassette or listening to my local oldies radio station.

The speaker is a 5" x 7" oval driven by two power transistors. I could not find any evidence of ICs inside, so I believe this radio uses discrete components. A total of 17 transistors are employed. I commend Panasonic for having the restraint not to tout that achievement on the exterior of the radio.

The radio cleaned up nicely. The only internal gremlin was an old, over-stretched drive belt for the cassette mechanism. Believe it or not, you can still order new cassette drive belts online. A replacement belt made the Royal-Aire perform as if new.

I can't find much information about this radio other than a brief mention in an article in the February, 1971 issue of Popular Mechanics. If anyone knows more about it, I'm all ears.

BTW, inside the radio, I found a pleasant surprise. The guys at Panasonic had included a large, printed copy of the RF-7270's schematic -- carefully folded and tucked between the chassis and the case. Nice touch!

Radio Russ

An excellent article full of good info for my many projects. I can find everything locally but the pointy Q-tips and I have a friend working on that. I recently bought replacement belts for a Craig 212 reel-to-reel tape recorder. Beautiful radio too!

Bert Carapito

Does anyone know where I can find the service manual for the National RF-7270?
Mine is in pretty good condition, but the antenna support is loose and needs to be fixed. I removed the back cover but it doesn't give access to the support.
Thanks in advance/Bert


I have a brand new RF-7270 in the original box. Inside it is still wrapped in original plastic, with styrofoam protection, original batteries, manuals, advertisements and microphone. (I haven't even seen the radio itself it's completely wrapped in original tape and plastic).

I am trying to determine the value of something like this, any thoughts?


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