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April 28, 2010


Radio Russ

Much like the pink "Hello Kitty" ball cap I wore working construction and maintenance at the CSX railroad yard in Jessup's Cut, MD. Never give a man holding a live Arc welding rod a hard time no matter what you think of his cap. I'd gladly take this radio to the yard.


Great comment Jeff..you made my day...


I guess Ricky Martin would be proud to have this one... ;-)


I think Ricky would have a higher sense of style than this. This radio simply embodies the style and fashion (or lack thereof) of the mid-late 70s. It's like a combination of tie-dye and The Orange Amplifier Company (google it). I had a RCA radio that was similar in style, but only AM. I was six at the time. Carried that poor radio everwhere...


Remember the PBS kids show, "The Electric Company"?
You have to admit, this radio would be at home on the set of that show. Look up "1970s Americana" and this radio should be pictured. It's look reminds me of that guy with the rainbow hair who would always get on camera at NFL games---and it also reminds me of the Mike Douglas Talk Show too. Simply the 70's defined.

jeffrey McMahon

Angelo, I was thinking of the Bugaloos, probably on YouTube.

Michael Brent

Thats a really gay radio dude.

Mike S

"fashion (or lack thereof) "

Bite your tongue! :D

Growing up in the seventies, the flipster looks totally normal to me. I'd love to see more contemporary industrial design along these lines.

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