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May 17, 2010



rca stratoworld:


Jeffrey McMahon

KR, nice RCA. Too bad I can't drag the photo for a post. Thanks, jeff


FMeXtra Is 'Radio's Best-Kept Secret'

Media Usage Pyramid, 2010

Large diagram:


A radio genre not discussed much here is the pocket sized vintage transistor radio. Has anyone ever taken an interest in these? Any good performers worth looking into? For instance, what sort of performance should one expect from a radio like this:


Ken K.

Carlos: I'm not really a collector of pocket sized vintage transistor radios, but if you are looking for good performance rather than rarity I can recommend the GE "Long Range" transistor radio. I have one but I don't think it has a model number. It was a good seller and turns up on Ebay fairly often, usually going for $20 or so. Very good performance and sound for a vintage transistor pocket radio, and kind of sleek looking besides.

Karl Dahlquist

Horriffic HD AM in the past? Are you talking about KFI's intermittent signal a while back? I think they fixed that.

KFWB and KNX are on FM feeds. Are there any others?

I have had three Sangean units and they seem to break for me. Of course, I drop them on the sidewalk all the time. I have the Sony M37W and it is great for AM, but like you said, KPCC forget about it. And there is this curious battle at 97.1...half the time I am getting AMP, the other half Star 98.7 is on there?

Ken K.

PS to my post above, I just did a search and apparently the "Long Distance" model # is GE-P2710C. I'm linking to a web page with a picture, but for some reason when I post a link in Jeff's blog it doesn't always work. The picture is near the bottom of the page.



Ken: Thanks for the recommendation! Sweet looking radio.

¾ Blind

It's refreshing to see a white on black display on the DT-600HD rather than the ubiquitous blue backlit LCD. A quick scan of the Southern California AM "dial" using my Sony XDR-F1HD (The model name is as bland as the blue LCD, but it's my best performing tuner!) and the stock 4" square loop antenna shows: 640 KFI, 710 KSPN, 740 KBRT flashing HD indicator but no HD lock, 980 KFWB, 1070 KNX, and last and yes least 1110 KDIS in . At night I get flashing HD indicator but no HD lock on: 600 KOGO San Diego, 740 KCBS San Francisco when KBRT signs off, and 1530 KFBK Sac-o-tomato. 790 KABC has not been HD for months though KLOS simulcasts the AM station on its HD-3 channel albeit delayed by about one minute.

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