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May 28, 2010



I'm still not sure how an "internet radio" is different from a wireless speaker.

It's actually better to get wireless speakers, because then you can stream whatever you want on your computer and simply listen to it through the speakers. With "internet radios" you are limited in terms of content by contracts between carriers and radio manufacturers.

The more I think about "internet radios", the more suspicious I am that it is a technology that will perdure.


Many so-called Internet radios can also stream music from your computer. For example, the Logitech radios do this.


Ever notice how much these manufacturers copy each other? Almost (I didn't say all) every one of these table-type radios has a 3" speaker with a 7 watt amplifier. Some audio amp IC chip manufacturer is making a killing...

Tom Welch

BTW, I just noticed that a newly revised edition of FM Atlas is now available.

Read this:

FM Atlas-21 /has been printed and is ready to mail out. Price will be $19.95 plus shipping, but Bruce Elving hasn't figured out what
shipping will be, so people ordering from this notice can buy the 288-pages book for $20 total. It is totally up to date, including
computerized maps and directories showing FM stations, translators and
low power FM stations of North America, including who is stereo and who suffers from the disease of being monophonic. Has HD, RDS and SCS information for each station. We have 900 of the books to sell; the printer did not quite supply all of the 1000 books we ordered,
but they are ready now for the skip DX season! Payment by major credit cards, PayPal, at 1-800-605-2219, or check or money order to
"FM Atlas," PO Box 336, Esko MN 55733-0336 (Bruce Elving, FM Atlas, May 14, WTFDA via DXLD)

FM Atlas has not been revised in a number of years. Over the years, I've chatted with Bruce Elving, he's a fine man.


Gary - my point exactly! It is a wireless speaker for your computer. In fact, this is how the logitech products are primarily marketed.

The only thing innovative about these wifi radios (this term, I think, is more fitting) is that they will connect directly to the internet to access streaming links for radio stations. But in this capacity I've found them to be inadequate on several counts (I've tried both the Squeezebox Boom and the Squeezebox Radio).

Basically, you are paying for something your computer can already do, and do better.


I have to agree. I don't listen to much online content, but on the occasion that I do and want to listen to it in a different room, it goes right over my FM transmitter. That way I can listen to it on any radio in the house. Same actually goes for me for FM terrestrial radio too - I have a really good quality fm receiver with an external antenna hooked up to it which basically serves as my radio server - it is hooked up into the same amplifier as my computer and thus with the flick of a switch I can change the source going into my fm transmitter from computer to radio.


I like that Internet radios can play radio stations without the need for a computer. To each his own.


I'd like to see a product which can take the sound,the file or the streaming signal of my PC without using my existing sound card and transmit it via FM around my house and do it with a remote control... :-)
I don't like those internet radios because they use small speakers unable to deliver big sound.


Brandon - I am thinking about getting an FM transmitter. Which one do you use? I see that CCrane offers an FM transmitter.


Carlos - I use an old analog transmitter called the Sound Feeder 120.


I think I got it at Best Buy or Circuit City about 10 years ago. I removed its little 4" antenna and put on it a 30" antenna from Radio Shack, it easily covers my entire house on 1 AA battery (you can actually safely feed it more voltage to cover longer distances). This thing doesn't produce the absolute best sound quality in the world but its certainly better than those cheap-o fm transmitters you find out there and it sounds great on portable radios. Mine's still running strong after probably thousands of hours of total use.


For the best in FM transmitters look at http://www.edmdesign.com


Carlos and Brandon- I've got a Sound Feeder 120 as well, great unit.

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