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May 03, 2010



I haven't seen one of these in person and I guess I should be thankful for that. Based on these comments, it's a travesty that the Grundig name is on this POS. I have a late 1970's/early 1980's Grundig and it kicks arse----great sound, terrific receiver.


Thanks, Russ. $300 is a lot based on the mixed bag of reviews. I presume you're keeping your ATS-909; mine is good performer, picks up a station almost every 10khz step. Shame about the 750, handsome radio.

FWIW, there's a LW station locally comes in on the 909 like it's next door, but the G8 is deaf to it; otherwise a good little radio for $29 at Radio Shack a while back.


After all the radio journey someone said, and I heartly agree, everthing comes down to Antennas, Antennas, Antennas.


I'll remain in the minority. I love mine, surrounded by many others, rf-2200, icf-2010, ats-909, ats-803a,zenith d7000y, rf-3100, s350, and quite a few others, and it stacks right up with them. It is light, but if your not winging it about (mine doesn't move) you'd never know. I like a hefty radio (the zenith is capable of disclocating a shoulder with the D-cells in it) but the look and ease of use are great!
I also had $300+ flop sweat when I purchased mine, but it dried up after about 2 months of frequent use, and after I really gave it a good shot against the competition. Only time will tell if I can get $300 worth of use out of it! For that cost I do hope it sticks around till I am flying on a jet pack.

Radio Russ

CDT: I'm glad you are happy with your S750. I just have a hard time believing it's in the same league as the ATS-909. Maybe it's because I'm out in the middle of nowhere.

Glad I didn't sell my 909 yet! I agree with the comments Clarence posted above about the 909. I really appreciate its performance after this fiasco.


The holy grail of boomboxes, the Magnavox D8443: featuring 5 speakers, 3 amps, shortwave tuning, microphone, tape deck with metal tape setting, line in/out via RCA jacks and a "stereo" control which goes from mono to spatial. The system is quite large: 13" high, nearly 2 feet in length. It takes 8 D-cells!


Shawn Patrick

I don't mean to be negative I really discount any "one day" reviews on a radio, good or bad. It makes for a horrible review either way. It's equal to those who test drive a car for 10 minutes, then write a 4 page review on them.

We've seen Herc give good reviews on radios then found out they were junk like that one Boston radio he had.

A true test is give the radio a week or two and use it during various times of the day.

There is a reason why radios are lighter, retailers demand it. It makes for cheaper shipping, cheaper storage, and cheaper everything else. It's also why radios are smaller, again, cheaper. Why put 4 more pounds of plastic that can do nothing but harm performance of the radio?

Agree with the G8 being deaf on longwave as is my G6. I've yet to pick up a single airport beacon on the G8 or G6. My G5 can bring them better than anything.


Shawn: I mostly agree with you----but let's get one thing straight: If you're going to produce a compromised product that is featherweight, it shouldn't cost $300.00. That's what I keep coming back to. If they want to save money on shipping and warehousing and they accomplish it by giving you 1/3 radio, they should also sell it at 1/3 price. That's my frustration with the new stuff. Hollow junkboxes shouldn't command $300.00. That said, you should always spend time with a radio before deciding one way or the other how good it is.

Jeffrey McMahon

Shawn, you make a good point about the BAHS. But even then I couldn't know how bad the AM would fry until after a year; thus long-term reports are necessary.
In the case of Russ' flash impressions of the S750, bad AM is bad AM, no matter how long he owns it. I noticed I was disappointed right off the bat, kept the radio for a month or so and had the same impression of it until I finally sold it.

Radio Russ

As far as one day reviews go, after 45 years of being into radios, I know a loser when I hear and see one. The lightness of the radio means that it was deliberately designed to be made as cheaply as possible which means no heavy duty or quality parts. The comment about retailers demanding lighter radios because of shipping costs is ridiculous when talking about high-end gear. A serious radio designer will make a radio that performs well and charge accordingly, including shipping charges. This argument makes sense with Coca-Cola and the change from glass to plastic bottles, but not for a $300 radio aimed at the upper tier of the Shortwave market.

This radio is more at home being sold at Walmart next to the Coby and GPX electronic junk. I have to laugh at the comments about how it has metal knobs now. Oooooh! But that doesn't help it perform any better, does it? Maybe they should add a bunch of blue LEDs everywhere to attract even more clueless purchasers. I'm sorry but cognitive dissonance won't cut it for $300. The S750 has been judged and found guilty of impersonating serious radio gear.


with PL600/DE1103 equivalent innards, chintsy plastic buttons and fake rack ears dont deserve 5x price increase

if the pl660/de1106's sync is good, maybe its time to update this thing to better internals. 1103 is terrible in ham bands and quite deaf above 15mhz due to internal synthesizer/LCD noise or something


It's always been interesting to me how different models from the same manufacturer vary so much in performance. The consensus is generally positive for the Eton/Grundig E5/G5 - I've got two and they compare favorably with my Sony ICF-7600G and Sangean ATS-909. Other Eton/Grundig offerings aren't as well received - regardless of price. It seems almost an accident when a winner is created!

Shawn Patrick

Radio Russ,

Sorry my friend, again. A one day review of a radio, either good or bad is useless. Don't take it personally. Enough said.

The Grundig G5 is an incredible bargain right now and it's brother the DE1103. The amazing thing is they can go as low as $60. That would be $20 in 1980 money. Look at ANY RADIO in 1980 for $20 bucks and look what you got. Maybe a real cheap AM transistor radio that ran off a 9 volt battery.

Radios for the price are mega times better then what they were. What people don't realize is there is no market for a $1,000 radio like the Satellit 700 anymore.

Even compare the 750 to the price equal of 1980, the middle end Radio Shack Realistic Patrolman Dx-60 for $100. The 750 will beat easily the Patrolman in every measurable category period unless it's a totally defective 750.

A good comparison is taking the 1964 Mustang against the 2010 Mustang. The 2010 will beat the 1964 in very category from speed to horsepower to options to comfort of ride to going from 0 to 60 etc. But what the 2010 can't do is beat the 1964 in sentimental value. Same with radios. You can't tell someone with a 1964 Mustang that the 2010 is better. Just won't happen. Same with radios.

As far as variety of radio quality goes, that's always been a problem. The geezers will insist that every radio and TV built in 1970 never broke and lasted forever. We know that's not true. They had quality control issues then, as they do now.

I will say this. I am certainly inspired to purchase a 750 now. I had a chance to test one out a few months ago, and didn't have problems with it except I thought the G5 was a better bargain, even when the G5 was $149.

My G5 does well in the ham bands, I usually set the filter to narrow and sometimes have to tweak with the fine control. I know it can't match higher end ham radios and such, but it does okay. I only wish it had separate USB/LSB switch, which probably would also help with AM dxing.

The Woodchuck

Another remorseful buyer here. Gave it a neg. review on Amazon. Chintzy, unremarkable, "entry level" radio. Performance is hampered by broad filters
on MW and SW bands. The narrow filter on SSB is "broad". This is all you get for CW, too, so that's not useful in crowded bands. Audio section is great with headphones, but the speaker is tinny. Etc, etc. I've been using it for about two months now. Here's a secret trick. Turn it off. Press and hold 0, turn it on. Now the obnoxious beeper falls silent.

Way overpriced, way underfeatured. It was designed by marketers, not radio nuts. Caveat. At $99US it would be a bargain. At 299, not so much, eh?

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