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June 04, 2010



"it has a 230mhz ceramic filter"
Way to go my friend.... Change it right now !

"On AM, it has a 4.5" ferrite rod antenna"
Hey Panasonic people,Is the Ferrite too expensive ?

"its published stellar FM sensitivity spec of 1.2uv/m" Oh yeah....the latest Panasonic Stereo has 13200 Watts !!!! Would you believe them ?

"it actually weighs a little more - so it is another Panasonic portable that is built with quality materials."

Oh yeah.I know some cheap 2 Dlrs plastic Chinese microphones that have STONES inside !!! to make it feel more 'pro'....


I just ordered a CC Radio EP, though they are out of stock until August. But I ordered anyway, just to get one ASAP. I'm hoping it's a winner.


New Sony clock radio

Keith Beesley

Some "modern" Panasonics are decent performers. I have the RF-P50 pocket radio, reception and audio are very respectable for its size. Not a DX machine, but fine for general around-the-house listening or to take along to a picnic or ball game. Also an RF-544, AM-FM medium sized portable; excellent sound for its size and hears some AM DX at night. Picked them up for fun, just to compare to my vintage sets, and was pleasantly surprised.


The new Sony clock radio is nice----but I can't take it seriously unless they name it "Dream Machine" as any proper Sony clock radio should be named.


I picked up a rf-1403, which looks very similar to this line. I enjoy it, doesn't have air band only PSB 136-174, Weather band comes in clear. only tone high/low button to change the sound, but your right it can be turned up loudly and sounding good, has a squelch knob on rear of radio too.
No frills radio, but like they were it is built to last. My main gripe is trouble reading the bandscale, you really have to have it at eye level to read the digits. Good review!


For an RF-1403 for sale see

and video


CDT - I had forgot to mention that gripe as well about the band scale - not only is a perfect viewing angle required but the contrast between the numbers and background could be better. But on the plus side mine seems to be spot-on for calibration and the scale is the entire width of the radio making fine-tuning pretty easy. A specs comparison between the 1403 and 1405 is interesting - the 1405 blows the 1403 out of the water on FM and AM sensitivity (1.2uv vs. 5.0uv on FM and 40uv/m vs. 120uv/m on AM) but the 1403 does better on the police band (3uv vs. 4.5uv) so oddly enough, the RF-1403's PSB is actually more sensitive than its FM.


I am not a radio buff but I have owned one of these sets for forty years (rural Scotland) and it has done sterling service inside and out and in all weathers. For a long time we had relatively poor FM signal and it always gave a very nice clear sound. About 15 years ago they built a new transmitter on a nearby Ben in direct line of site from the house and the stations are even clearer, even if the aerial is not extended. Very impressed by Panasonic; this was a super product.

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