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June 11, 2010



Brian, thanks for the review. It was great. I always thought I was a nut loving these simple table radios, I guess I have some friends here. :) Just one question, do you think I should upgrade my WR-1 to WR-11? The WR-1 bass annoys me from time to time. It sounds very fake. Is that much better on WR-11? Thanks for your reply.


You mentioned you have Boston Acoustics Recepter. I'm curious how the W's compare. I have a Recepter, RecepterHD and a Horizon Duo from BA and found no equal - yet. Unfortunately BA no longer mfgr tabletops. I Have refurbished the wood cabinets on the two Tivolis I own with nice wood veneers. They sure look nice. I play my Receptors but look at my Tivolis. Thinking of upgrading the speakers in the Tivolis even if I have to do a little cabinet modification. Luckily they are wood and not plastic - give me room to


I found your review very clear and helpful and am interested in how you've aligned FM section to be accurate (with variable capacitor inside or something else).

David Griffith

I'm in the process of trying of figure out how to fix the excessive bass and the aux jack cutoff. Aiding me in this quest is the WR-1 service manual, which I found here: http://www.thiecom.de/ftp/sangean/wr1/wr1-servicemanual.pdf.

I figure that I can fix the aux jack cutoff by replacing the volume pot with a switched pot. Then the off/fm/am switch can be rewired to aux/fm/am. The schematics aren't particularly clear on how which switches do what.

I have no idea on how to approach the problem of altering the bass and treble. Anyone have any ideas?


I owned the tivoli model one and found the FM reception terrible for anything other than the closest, most power signals which in my case happened to be an old country music station... and i hate old country music. Arg!


Thank you for this great review. My wallet and I thank you!


I found this review after having bought a WR-11BT and now compare it with the WR-1 I have had for many years. Think I have a little different perception of it. Having the two side by side, it really strikes me how different the sound is.
When listening to music, the WR-1 delivers lower frequencies and sounds notably bigger than the WR-11! The WR-1 sure is quite bass-boosted which can be just a bit too much when listening to voices. Although the WR-11 midrange may be at least as good as the WR-1, the wide range dynamics of the latter is something different. The WR-11 simply sounds... cheaper. I bet Sangean have saved money on the WR-11 speaker. Less powerfull magnet? Weight of the WR-11 is actually less than the WR-1.
Still, the WR-11 sounds very good. But definately different from the WR-1.

Richard Merriam

I recently bought a WR 11, and was very disappointed that the headphone and record out were both mono. There is not much point in having those if they are not in stereo.
Other than that, I give it 5 stars.

Michael Oruch

Would an external antenna help the reception on a Tivoli and if so can you recommend one

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