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June 05, 2010


Ken K.

I think he's making too much of a deal about the fact that the radio doesn't have a stand. It's really a radio for listening while walking or lying in bed, using the headphone, rather than as a "regular" radio. The speaker is really unpleasant anyway.

In 10+ years of owning this or it's predecessors I've maybe used the speaker 3 times total.

I wouldn't consider this radio at all for a "hotel room travel radio" as he does. Again, the speaker is just too small and unpleasant. I keep an Eton E100 as my travel bag radio. It's a little bigger, but has a stand, much better audio, and good reception.

The DT400W etc are great little radios for what they are, but IMHO not for what he's using them for. I'm also guessing that he's using that little plug-in wire for FM reception and listening via the speaker rather than using headphones (the headphone wire acts as the antenna if you're using headphones). That may be why he has problems with the FM reception. The FM reception is much better when using the headphones.


I have the DT400W great little radio I bought different ear buds . I bought it to listen to tunes while I'm riding around on my ATV works great also use it while I'm cutting the grass . I find it picks up AM Coast to Coast better than my CCR 2 .

Mark Roberts

@Ken - I have used both the DT-200VX and the DT-400W radios with headphones and without. The wire should give better results on FM than headphones. It's 32 inches, which is a little longer than ideal (29 1/2 inches, which is what 1/4 of 3 meters works out to) for the wavelength but much better than you'll get with a long headphone cord, which is not likely to match well with a 3-meter wavelength at all.

In the photos of the DT-400W, I kept the wire bunched up for convenience. On the weather band, it seemed to have no problem with that, picking up signals on five of the seven wx-band channels. Then again, I live near the top of a hill that's above most San Francisco Bay Area transmitting sites. So I also test at the office and on the road.

My FM comparison is with DSP radios such as the Tecsun PL-3xx series and the Insignia HD-01. They do much, much better. The Tecsuns especially are far better FM performers even though their built-in FM rod antennas are way too short for the wavelength.

I do agree with you that the speaker could be better, but physics come into play here: you're just not going to get great sound from a 1-3/8" diameter speaker. The Tecsuns have a similar problem. But in the proverbial hotel bathroom, I don't care so much.

I think the Sangean is a standout unit on AM and the weather band, especially considering the price. FM is also there for convenience but you can do a lot better with a DSP-based radio.

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