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June 27, 2010


Dan Somers

I've got a Panasonic RF-1060 that looks a lot like (actually, exactly like) your RF-1080. Anyone know the difference between the RF-1060 and the RF-1080?

No doubt, these are sweet little radios. They receive well on both AM and FM, deliver decent audio quality, and run forever on a set of alkaline C cells. Much more portable than my RF-2200, too!


Picked up a RF-1080 for $7 at a thrift store. After some cleaning and DeOxit treatments, it plays like new. What a superb design; it's made to do one thing and it does it exceedingly well. (And yes sports fans, you CAN straighten a bent antenna so long as it hasn't been folded. Just go slow.) The tuning meter really helps in peaking the signal from the little 5 watt LPFM (KBRP) two canyons away. Could anyone point me to an owner's manual? The RF-1080 is simple to use, but it would be nice to see the instructions!


Are you sure this is from 1973? I'm seeing information saying it could be from 1980. I have one of these I just cleaned up for my sister to use at the park she's a director at so they have some form of entertainment. Picked it up sometime before 2010 for $2 at a yard sale, I think. it's a great radio, I'll give it that.


D, you are correct. The 1973 model is the very similar RF-1060. The 1080 is from later. Jeff


I bought my RF-1080 back in 1975. I just bought another one from eBay.

Curtiss Cott

Electronics a half-century old that still look & perform well: That's Panasonic.

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