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June 24, 2010



Congratulations, Terry. Good SW receiver indeed. Especially with your long antenna which delivers a strong signal. Attempts with a very short piece of wire or a telescope antenna will not tap the full potential of the FRG-7. Paid 120 Euro for mine a year ago and don't regret this buy - although it was not easy to calibrate its slightly misaligned dial.

Just my personal taste: I prefer this kind of "ham gear" over most of the consumer grade "transistor radios".

What I like most about the "classics": there are tons of documents and mods on the internet, e.g. here...


Terry, the Radio Crackhead

Thanks for the link, Andreas. Mine has the stock 6 kHz filter, which is a bit wide for SSB and even a crowded SW band, so I'll see about replacing it with a two-filter mod.

Very hot MW reception, even using the SW antenna; much hotter than any of my other radios. The preselector does an amazing job of increasing the signal on MW, though for bandscanning that range I have to turn the preselector knob with my left hand while turning the main kHz knob with my right. That sure is different, but I can't argue with the results. Very low noise floor too, which is another aspect I'm truly appreciating about these classic analog radios.

Tom Welch

These older used receivers offer a good value for the dollar spent.

Terry, the Radio Crackhead

Adjusting for inflation, the Frog cost $1,150 in 1976, but you can find nice-condition units today for $150 to $300.

But caveat emptor, for old radios probably need to have their capacitors replaced, and if you're not able to do that yourself, you'll have to find someone who does antique radio repairs. Luckily a google search does turn up such resources.

amada queen

One powerful radio! These are definitely useful.


Hi Guys,
I have this FRG 7 receiver from a friend of mine. Nearly all the transistors pins were broken. I manage to get the broken transistors on E bay, I have replace all of them but the set is still not working????
Can some body help me to get the set working again??
Jacques from Mauritius

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