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August 29, 2010



I think Uniden has wasted their time with a radio like this. The typical scanner enthusiast would have rather seen a radio which decoded more of the new digital systems.


I don't think Uniden designed this scanner for the scanner enthusiast like me. The target audience for this scanner is everyone else who wants to monitor their local services, but doesn't want to get involved in the technical details. All they have to do is enter the zip code(s) they want to monitor, and the scanner programs itself from the RadioReference.com database. It's not my cup of tea, but it might be great for lots of folks.

I used Uniden's demo to program for my area, and I ended up with a bunch of services called Police, with no indication of the agency name. This would be frustrating. Also, I found no way to select state agencies like CHP (California Highway Patrol). The whole key to this new scanner is the accuracy and completeness of the RR database for your particular area.


Gary brings up a very interesting point when he says "the whole key to this new scanner is the accuracy and completeness of the RR database". Instead of designing better performing receivers, Uniden is concentrating on the software. I'd love for this new Uniden to support APCO-25. I'm seeing the software trend more and more - the last couple of SW receivers I've bought have hundreds of memories. Probably hundreds more than I could ever use! No matter how much software the radio has, I still end up spinning the dial and using my ears!


Actually the Home Patrol does support APCO-25 (digital).


Here is the main site for the Home Patrol, including the online demo that takes a zip code and "programs" a virtual scanner:



Wow - APCO-25 and other goodies! If it'll come in under $400.00 then we're talking "must buy"!


It looks like the price is going to be around $500.



Now available for purchase at Universal Radio for $509.95:


bill dunn

i got the home patrol this week, i like it. i also
have the bc296d, when i have both of them on, the
296 will pick up broadcasts that the home patrol
won't. i work for the tenn highway patrol, and i
can not get the home patrol to moniter THP, guess
its time to look at the owners manual. i think
the home patrol is a good scanner, i know its a
different type of scanner, does a great job picking
up memphis pd, whick is about 25 mile from where i
live, updates on this will come later

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