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September 29, 2010


Ed S.

Speaking of Grundig, the Universal Radio availability date for the Grundig S450 has slipped, from October 10th to the 31st... uh-oh.

Carl Rayburn

What is the secret to the AN200? I just got one, do I need to plug the end in to my receiver and just have the antenna closer or get another1/8inch adapter to put on? I can't imagine that Grundig would have the consumer do that so I figure it is me, any ideas?


Hi Carl,

No secret to the AN200. Just some wire wound on a circular form with each end connected to a variable capacitor. You have another tuned circuit for your radio--on the antenna end. You are inductively coupling signal into your radio's internal ferrite antenna.

Terk sells a version, Radio Shack did and Insintronics--sp?? (Select-A-Tenna) still does after nearly 40 years.

What radio are you trying to use? These antennas work best with portable radios. First tune your radio to the desired AM frequency. Move radio around for best signal. Next bring AN200 close to radio. Depending on the radio, either the ends or the middle of it. Tune knob SLOWLY (back and forth if necessary) until the signal is strongest.

Experiment with different positions of radio and antenna (perpendicular or parallel to radio). Can't hurt anything. You are trying to find the "sweet spot"-- the best place to have your antenna near the radio. Be careful, though, you can swamp the front end with too much signal on some radios. Just move antenna away from radio a bit.

On some (more sensitive, better) radios, the AN200 won't make a lot of difference, especially at night. (Long explanation)

Where you would use the plug is with a radio that can disconnect the internal ferrite rod antenna by plugging into the antenna jack. (Not many do this) If this is the case, no need to turn the radio around to peak signal (doesn't matter as internal rod antenna is disconnected if using the plug). You would move the antenna around and again tune the knob slowly--back and forth if necessary until your AM station is strongest. A good reason for doing this is where you have poor reception in a building/room and it is not convenient to move the radio to a window sill but you can plug the antenna in and have the antenna by the window sill.

Hope this helps Carl. Tried not to make it to complicated or use too much radio jargon. Just ask if more questions :)

Dan Fast

Where can I purchase the correct type of shortwave antenna for a Grundig S350DL AM/FM/Shortwave radio? Is the AN200 a good one and where can I purchase one before Wednesday, Feb,20? I live in Clear Lake City, TX, south of Houston.



The AN200 loop antenna is for mediumwave (AM broadcast band), not for shortwave. For the latter, I think a simple roll-up antenna would work fine. For example:



Those shown above can plug into the external antenna jack or simply clip to the whip antenna. I use a Sony roll-up antenna clipped to the whip of my Sony ICF-7600GR and it works fine. These roll-up antennas are available under various brands.

Perhaps an electronics or ham radio store in your area might have a suitable one.


Just connect a 20-foot length of wire to your radio,s whip antenna. It can be any type of wire, some people use a "Slinky" to save space and stretch it out in use.

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