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December 31, 2010



This site has some Grundig radios at very good prices. For example:

G6 - $50 ($21 less than Amazon)
G3 - $50 ($90 less than Amazon)
Sat 750 - $200 ($50 less than Amazon)


Some folks on various Yahoo groups have bought from them, and the radios seem to be fine. I'm not sure if they are an authorized Eton dealer or not.


Bought my first tube radio, a 60 year old Zenith Trans Oceanic, with the big detachable wavemagnet MW antenna with the suction cups so you can place it on a window.

I've never heard AM sound like that. I spent an hour listening to a sports broadcast, and the layers of depth and distinctness between the commentators, the arena announcer, the score horn and the crowd made it sound like 3D, quite unlike and far better than in any radio I've heard manufactured from the 60s through the present. It sounded like the stadium was inside the radio.

Such antique radios probably will require service, but they offer a level of AM listening enjoyment I've not encountered elsewhere.



These are excellent radios. I have a few of the different Zenith tube transoceanics and their knockoff tube equivalents--RCA Stratoworld, Hallicrafters TW-1000, Silvertone, etc.

Your biggest problem will be replacing the 1L6 tube when it gives up. This can cost almost as much as the radio. There are ways around this, however.

Your best bet for information is a book by Harold Cones and the late John Bryant--Zenith Trans-Oceanic: The Royalty of Radios. Available at Amazon and other places.

Also do a google search and you will find lots of info. The BAMA site still has manuals, I believe.


I picked up a Grundig Majestic 4006 for $12.50 that needs to be restored. I am pretty excited about it. The new Acoustic Research tube radio I bought has been the best radio I have heard yet. My friends and family come over and almost always it is the first thing they comment on. I wish they could still be found but it looks like AR is no longer selling them. I know they are sold under different names but not here in the US as a far as I can tell.


I didn't know there were any new tube radios. That's cool. I wonder how they compare with the vintage ones.

Googling 1L6 makes for some interesting reading. Those tubes sell for up to $99 on ebay and possible replacements include the solid state "1L6."

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