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January 09, 2011



Thanks for your review of the PL-660, Craig. This looks like a good alternative to the Grundig G3.

I'm interested in the "improved" model, which supposedly offers three tuning speeds (1 kHz, 9/10 kHz, and Auto, which automatically switches between the two). I like to be able to manually switch between 1 and 10 kHz steps. The latter is good for band scanning, and the former is good for fine tuning. My Eton E10, which is physically quite similar to the PL-660, offers this capability.

The new model is also supposed to have reduced audio output in AM mode, to minimize distortion on strong signals.

I posted a question about the improved model on the Yahoo PL-660 group some time ago, but I haven't been able to get anyone to verify that it actually exists.

S Patrick

Thanks for an awesome and well written review.

Amazon has the PL-600 shipping out of Arizona via Kaito for 89.99 but I know it's not the same radio as the PL-660, though it looks identical.


Nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...

Keith B.

Very thorough review, Craig. Thank you.


Thank you for your thank you's. Gary I cannot make comments about the "improved" or 2nd gereration model. I don't have it in hand. All I know is they (Tecsun) supposedly made alterations in tuning speed and the light duration. You made reference to distortion (clipping of the signal) on strong stations but I have not had this problem. If you're really close to a strong staion this will occur with any receiver. I'm sure you already tried to set the DX switch to local to avoid overload?


I can verify that the improved model exists.

I asked for a PL-660 for Christmas. Then a few days later, I read on the Yahoo group about the "improved" 2nd batch coming from Tecsun, and regretted not having waited a little longer. Oh well...

Santa Claus ordered the silver version, but was told that the only ones in stock were black, so black it would be. It arrived at the last minute, only a day or two before Christmas.

Turns out the radio I received is indeed the "improved" version with the 30-second backlight, etc. It was manufactured in December according to the stickers in the battery compartment.

I haven't done a whole lot of listening with it yet, but what experience I have had with it has been good.

Chuck E

My main concern with Tecsun (unfortunately) is reliability. I've had numerous Tecsun-made radios either arrive defective or develop defects. It's too bad, as I do like their build quality and funability.


Thanks. This is a very useful review. I've ordered the PL-660 & am looking forward to receiving it.

I have a Grundig G3 that is abysmal, (a dud I think).

I have a PL-550 that is one of the most sensitive radios for SW, especially. The PL-660 looks like it's a kin to the PL-550. I'm hoping for a great radio.


I've had my black improved model Pl 660 for 45 days and cannot figure out how to set the charging function and charge times. Thoughts? Thanks

Walter Zhao

Kaito Electronics Inc in California is the service center for the radios sold out from this company.
Tecsun radio is sold out from this company.

James Servaas

Hi Craig, good review.

Could you (or someone who reads this) please compare the Tecsun PL660 with Sony SW7600GR ?
I am planning to buy a good receiver, and these are the two radios that made it to the final shortlist.

I am not interested much in sound quality and memories, etc. and other secondary functions in which Tecsun will probably be better.

What I care about most is sensitivity and anti-fading/anti-interference (i.e. synch. detect.) features. Picking up faint signals, not losing them, etc. How does the Tecsun compare to Sony SW7600GR radios in this regard?

Also, what about the robustness and durability of the Tecsun radio? (I am a bit worried because it is from China)


James Servaas

... as an addition to the previous comment.

I forgot to say: the frequency that I am really interested in are the Short Waves. So, could you please compare the sensivitity in receiving distant/weak radio broadcasts on the Tecsun and on the Sony SW7600GR (which I was told is very good in this regard)?

Thanks again


I really like my PL-660. I've only had it for about 10 days, but so far I am pleased.

To enable the intelligent recharging function of your PL-660:

1) Press the BATTERY button until the display indicates "Ni-NH" underneath a battery icon

2) Install 4 AA Ni-MH batteries (supplied)

3) Connect AC wall adapter to the 115 VAC source and the DC input on the radio.

Note - the intelligent recharging feature automatically turns off when complete.

The recharging circuit was designed to be used with 1000 maH capacity batteries. If you use batteries with larger capacities, you'll probably want to purchase a separate charging unit.

Dohmnuill ( Australia)

I've had a PL-660 for a month now, and pretty much agree with most of the review comments.

Naturally, it is made to a price but that is not a big gripe. The knobs are slightly "cheap" (very thin plastic)which contributes to that feel - an easy thing to fix by Tecsun.

The BFO knob does not need the indent - you "fall into that pothole" just when the SSB is about right and it slightly interferes with the setting. Again, no great gripe. It would be better to mark the knob and frame with white paint to indicate the setting of the BFO (I've done that, anyway).

The sensitivity is very impressive on HF. Afternoon listening to North Atlantic air traffic is easy here in southern Australia. Likewise US utility stations are very readable. In fact most parts of the world come in strongly (all other variables being equal). 20 and 40 metres are excellent.

I quite like the easily tuned memory pages. The readout is clear. The variable bandwidth is effective. I changed to eneloops and they seem to give a much better run than the supplied 'Tecsun' NiMH's. I've yet to try alkalines.

Considering I paid $85 + pp (ex Hong Kong), I can't complain.

(Sony ICF2001, Marconi R1155, National HRO Sr, Yaesu FT-897, Yaesu VR-500, Eddystone EC10, etc etc..)

Gordon Cooper

How is the LW selectivity and sensitivity? I know that the antenna is very important at those wavelengths, but if the LW section is a dud, you could hook the thing up to a full wavelength antenna and not hear anything.

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