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January 09, 2011


Dohmnuill ( Australia)

Hi Gordon, not sure if that enquiry was for me, but I have yet to test it on LW (not a great deal here, except for NDB's). Cheers.


The only authorized distributor (Kaito-USA) in the USA is backing up the 30 day replacement/1 year repair warranty.



Please which external antenna did you used during test? I mean for sw connected via wire, as well as am.

thanks Martin


I am coming off of mediocre experiences with the Grundig G5 and G3. Their features are perfect for my use but the quality isn't. I use the radio at night in the dark. I rely on "touch" to find the stations I want. I am concerned about the memory recall on the PL 660. Also, I prefer buttons that are not too "noisy" because it disturbs my wife.

Considering the price range, what other models might I consider?

Steven Walker

As a life time experienced RF technician and later Engineer - I have often wondered why some of these reviews don't just quote the sinad sensitivity that the radios have been tested at that would give us all a clear answer to which one is the most sensitive -easy measure it. Thats what happens in real radio.

I work in a radio and this easy to do.
All this stuff about "I can get this station and that one" means nothing, as on air radio receiving conditions vary greatly and are hard to measure with any reliability.
Also when people quote which stations they get, they never say where they are in the world, there is a world out side the US of A.

Having said that I will say that I have a 7600GR and have always found it to be junk.
Try resolving SSB on, it you wont. There are mods on the net to fix this problem.
It is a most basic design problem, the designer should be totally ashamed.
Also if the sync lock is on and the station level is to low to lock onto, the stupid thing just screams in your ear, sounds like feed back.
The fake metal spray on case soon wears off and the sound is lousy.
As I have mentioned I have put up with it for five years. In Australia the standard retail price in 2004 was $550, yes, at the time about $US500.

I recently purchased a Tecsun PL-660 for $US150 and let me tell you despite what I have put above I will not be measuring the sinad sensitivity, no need to, the PL-660 is streets ahead of the ICF SW7600GR.

It suffers from none of the above problems and the sensitivity is clearly at least 15 db better, believe it or not.
No wonder I have heard that Sony have withdrawn from the short wave sector.


I have a silver one and find that it beats my Eton E5 in every dept. I just wish it would scan the air band! Great radio for $80 !


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am trying to buy a Tecsun PL660 model receiver,but i dont know how can i buy it....


It's cool to listen to radio from around the world but now with the internet and radio online. what is the point?


Dohmnuill ( Australia) Could you tell me where to buy TECSUN PL660 from Hong kong please....?

Frank Staffa

My PL-660 arrived yesterday from Kaito defective. Everything seems to work except the VFO knob. It does nothing. I contacted Kaito and surprisingly they dont do business on the weekends. 2013, and they close their internet business on Saturdays and Sundays? Whatever, but now I have to wait for an authorization code before I can send it back (at my own expense). I hope they arent going to wait for the defected one to arrive before they ship me out a new one, thus having this transaction last 3 days shy of a month!
I dont know how many others have dealt with this Kaito place, but I am hoping to hear some positive feedback about them..Thanks!

James Patterson

I read a review on the 660 and someone said that the SW become dead,yet all other bands worked well.The writer said he opened up the case to check it and found the telescopic antenna mounting screw had touched two diodes and cracked one,on the circit board.So he replaced the diodes and after that the 660 worked again on the SW bands.So I decided to open mine and check to see if mine too had this fault.But upon looking at that area of the circit board,I didnt notice any diodes any where near the antenna mounting screw at all,infact the back of the cirit board faces that screw on mine.So maybe there has been a change in them to rectify that problem.Anyone had any problems like that?


Just received a PL-660. The display is failing. Only way to recover display (that I have found) is RESET button. Then the display works again for a few seconds up to almost a minute. The on-line manual (only one I have found) does not mention anything about a display blank timer, although there is a back-lighting timer function with various options. Changing these settings has no effect on the display blank out problem this unit is having. I wonder if there is an undocumented setting for this, or if it is just defective. I've emailed distributor and no reply yet. Anyone experienced this and know how to deal with it?


I just bought a Tecsun PL-660. Im now really concerned after reading all the poor reviews because there are literally over a hundred.

One customer bought a new unit and was supplied with a refurbished unit, however he only noticed it after the warranty expired and the unit stopped working. He opened the unit and saw it had been refurbished. All these Chinese manufactured world band receivers have a lot of bad reviews.

This will be my first ever world band receiver, I really hope it will not be a disappointment :(

And it cost a lot of money too, here in the 3rd world we have to pay 14x for something where the 1st world pay only once for the same product due to the exchange rate.

I really hope I did not waste my money :(

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