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January 30, 2011



Herc: You gave me good advice once when I was hedging about selling a radio. You said "If you don't love it, sell." It was good advice. Once, I sold a radio I loved, a Japan market Panasonic 5800 and I've regretted that decision ever since. Meanwhile, I've sold other valuable radios I didn't have much attachment too and it's given me the funding to keep "buying and trying" more great radios. My point is that absolutely, keep the ones you really like a lot. If there are a couple that you are hedging on, you probably don't love them. The fact that you don't really need the money is beside the point: You should make space and then use the money toward, you guessed it----watches or radios.


Oops---in that last post, I meant to write "SONY" Japan market 5800. I have Panasonic on the mind as I recently picked up a Panasonic table radio on E-Bay and anxiously await delivery.


You have a tiny, but nice set of radios. I have at least 50 times as many. I need to cull the herd; you don't!


Best decision! And I'm quite sure, you will be glad in a couple of years :)

Dan Somers

Good decision, Jeff. You will not regret keeping those vintage radios to show to your daughters. At the very least, your radios can serve as props to help you explain how things worked in the "olden days."

To be honest, I find that my interest in old radios waxes and wanes as other gadgets and doo-dads compete for my attention. Right now, I'm into high-end LED flashlights and rechargable-battery technology. Fascinating!


Same as Dan-really into flashlights big time!

Great decision to keep your radios-I spent the last 5 years trying to get back what I sold with many regrets. I learned-won't part with anything now.

Michael Brent

A wise decision!
I am the single father of twins and I have never felt the need to sell off my radios, fishing or astronomy gear.
When the children get older and refuse to listen to you anymore ( and trust me, this happens )you can lock yourself in the garage and play with your toys.
Those puppies (the radios, not the children) will be worth a fortune by then!


E-Bay 260730201229
I really like the looks of this radio. I wonder if it's any good? I actually have an Aimor radio, probably from the early-mid 1960s, sold through the Spiegel catalog---just an AM job. It's a decent little radio.


Aimor TR-105 seen as a shortwave receiver:

- sufficient reception quality for SWL and easy DX

- rough frequency readout, you only can "guess" the frequency, a ICF-5900W e.g. or an Panasonic RF-2200 are much superior here,
- no BFO

On Google also look for "Hitachi KH-2200", it's the same radio. There's also a nice video of the KH-2200 on Youtube!

Advice: Buy, if it's cheap (less than a Sony or Pana); but don't pay collector's price.


Btw, in Germany this radio was sold under the brand "Palladium", Model No. 949/469 by the mail-order house "Neckermann".



Andreas: Great info. Sounds as though it's a capable radio, not junk. I would assume if it stays under $45.00, it's probably not a bad buy.


Yes Angelo, max. $45 is a reasonable price for this radio in good shape.

Franz-Josef Borgetto

Found a German user's manual in pdf to this radio - anybody wants it?


I would like the manual, I have just repaired my Aimor Tr-105 - now I would love to use it... (hihi)

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