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January 29, 2011



Herc: I've got to believe that you might be better served to list some of these on E-Bay.
In particular, the Panny RF-1130 and Telefunken bright yellow Banjo might inspire bidding wars.



You should put these on ebay, especially the two Angelo mentioned. List on a Sunday night (around 6 or 7 pm Pacific), for seven days. Start low (99 cents), no reserve, and see a nice bidding war unfold in front of your eyes. Polish the radios, take some really nice photos, and describe them well.



I concur with with Paul and Angelo. You'll get more buck by listing on Ebay.

Sorry to see you having to part with the radios though.

Keith Rennie

...and be sure to tell us when you put them on eBay!

Jeffrey McMahon

Thanks for the advice. I'll probably bite the bullet and sell them on eBay. I already have a PayPal account anyway.


I concur with Paul's strategy of listing for 7 days, starting them in the evening and at 99 cents no reserve, there's really no risk at starting them at 99 cents because you will most certainly have more than 2 people bidding on each and every one of them.

JUST DON'T START ANY OF THEM TOMORROW EVENING or else they'll end during the Super Bowl, the absolute worst time to end auctions (or best time to get great deals, I picked up a Kenwood amp and a Kenwood tuner last Super Bowl Sunday, both for about half of what they were worth and in separate auctions).

Ed S

I wouldn't sell them; just put them in storage until the girls start school. You'll have time to yourself again. The radios won't lose value, they should only go up in the next 5-10 years, and will very likely still work just fine. Trust me, you will regret forfeiting all the time and effort you put into assembling your collection. And you may never be able to get some of these models again. Think twice.


I agree with storage if space is an issue, your daughters may share your interest in radios and their history. And they may want a radio each to remind them of the great times that you will share soon with listening.

Jeffrey McMahon

I know I'd regret losing my mint RF-888 so that one stays. The others aren't in use so I doubt I'd miss them much.

Carlos Edwards

A question for SW and AM listeners:

Which portable receiver has the best sync function? What about the sync on the ICF-2010?



Best sync function on a portable: Sony ICF-2010 and Eton E1 or E1XM. Next in line: Grundig Satellit 700 and later models of Drake SW8.


I thought you had a Panasonic RF-2200 in the collection, too. Sorry to see those radios go.


That yellow Telefunken should stay on the glass shelf, always bookended by fresh lemons. When you use a lemon, replace it with a new one. That's eye candy if ever there was.


My favorite of them is your P-780. I've always wanted one, but it is always a crap shoot when purchasing one from Ebay. Any idea what you would want for the P-780?


I'll give $15 for the lot, $17.50 if they come with batteries.

Definitely put those on Ebay, that Banjo is going to be popular. Use the lemon pic in the auction! I'd really like to have that one for my wife, I think she'd crap her pants if she saw it!

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