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January 26, 2011



E-Bay 160503701341
Bait for a sucker fish.


Yikes! Wasn't...and I could be wrong here... from a performance side of things the RF-9000 much to do about nothing???

Doug T.

I've got to admit chuckling when the description of the $7500 RF-9000 included these lines: "Because of the extra packaging, there is a $10.00 charge which is non-negotiable so please consider this when calculating shipping costs."

I hope that if I ever sell a $7500 item, I might be willing to through in the extra packaging for free.


Boy! Someone is real proud of their Sony's!
For the price of even the cheap RF-8000 there are radios in that price range I would rather have. They may be rare, but they aren't worth that!


re: ebay# 160503701341-Panasonic R-1599

Wow, $200 ?! For a sucker, perhaps. But there are collectors out there who love new in box radios.
(See the end bids on a couple of Sony NIB SW77's recently--one for $1850 and another for $1000!)

Personally, I had this radio in the early-mid 70's. Nice audio but was not that great of an AM performer (poor for DXing, too). Can't remember what I paid for it then.

Account Deleted

These bidders have no idea what they are doing to themselves. Even more profoundly, the folks at CMS should realize that nobody can stay in business at these prices.

radiio ray

I am the guy who bought the RF-8000. Wow, Dont regret it a bit. The performance of this radio is amasing. Was going to spend the money on radios anyway

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