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January 29, 2011



Sangean PR-D7 $45 at Newegg, shipped free.


New GE 7-2850 on sale on ebay:


I actually purchased a GE Super Star 7-2850 in the early 1980s. I loved this radio. It was very well made, speaker sound was solid and crisp, AM and FM worked and sounded great and it was a very good radio for AM DXing. In the early 90s, I worked out every day in the garage, so the radio stayed there. Bad mistake. The antenna and other metal parts started to rust and it finally got to the point where it didn't work. I think if I hadn't moved it to the garage, it would have been going strong today.

That's when I purchased my GE Superadio III (mid-90s) and it is still my primary radio today (I keep in inside)!

About a year ago, I purchased the GE Superadio I and II on Ebay, and I can see where the Super Star 7-2850 fit in with the Superadio family.

BTW..I looked at the Super Star 7-2850 (from the above link) now selling on Ebay, and while it looks in terrific shape, to me, it doesn't look "new out-of-the-box". There seems to be small scratches and scuffs on the plastic dial glass, inside the cord and battery compartments and on the back of the radio. To me, it looks more like a very lightly used radio that someone has tried to clean up.

Anyone else see this?


Yes, Jerry, you are right about the dial. Also it looks like it was stored without the plastic bag and that electric cord--way too straight looking for NIB.

Never had the radio. Can't recall much about it except that there were a few DXer's who called this a "mini SR" back then.

As for it being the same as the Superadio I/II, I was always under the impression that the GE engineers did a specific "new" design for the Superadio. At least that's what the old ad/pamphlet let on.

But GE did have a good amount of radios that did nicely on AM.

Keith Beesley

I have two of them that I use quite a bit. Yes, don't know exact specs but they are very similar in performance to their "big brothers," the SR1 and II. AM reception not quite as good due to the shorter internal antenna; audio not as big due to the smaller speaker, but way better than most portable radios of that size.

Jeffrey McMahon

Ed is right. I don't need the money. I'm going to store my radios in the garage. I may see if I can get a bidding war on the RF-1130. I'd like a pro to have, to maintain it and maybe feature it in a museum.


FWIW, the Grundig S450DLX Field Radio was at my local Radio Shack today (Huntsville, AL... Unfortunately, the sales clerk indicated the display unit was the only one in stock and I was reluctant to purchase it in case it was DOA or had other problems, as mentioned in earlier posts. Will wait until they have been producing them awhile and the early problems worked out before making the purchase!


Hi ,I was wondering if anyone could tell me some information on the General Electric am/fm radio model 7-2850 d which was made in Korea.i use to listen to this radio since I was 4years old. .and I am 58 now.this radio has been stored inside always.a funny thing happened a week ago ,are cable quit working and is still not fixed ,so I got the radio plugged it in ,and am listening to it right now as I speak.i would like to know what year these were made in,I seen one posting and that said it was made in the 1980,which is wrong as I was listening to this radio in the 1950,1960 and so on.thanxs for any info in advance. Tom


Tom, radios didn't look anything like that ~50 years ago, I can tell just from the case design that the 2850 dates from the late 70's-early 80's. Aside from that, it's a SuperRadio design, so it's no older than late 70's.

Carl Bittner

Just wanted to add a few comments about this radio. I received one of these for my birthday in 1971 from my Air Force buds, so yes radios did look like that back then. Also, it was made in Hong Kong, not Korea. It was referred to as the Super and AM reception was excellent. There weren't too many FM stations yet in Phoenix so at night I DX'd and could pull in Wolfman Jack out of Mexico (I think) and if I was lucky I could pick up a skip from WLS in Chicago. I finally wore it out after around 30 years in the early 2000s but I just saw one posted on shopgoodwill.com for $28. Then I checked eBay and they have some also but for more $. Do I need it, nope. Am I going to bid on it, you betcha, lol.

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