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February 23, 2011


Ed S

I bought my 2600 (the one Jeff reviewed) for $40 at a swap meet a few years ago, and just love the looks and sound, too. That florescent blue frequency readout just makes you smile, it's so techy-retro.
The SW Cal lets you peak/calibrate the display and the signal... tune in a Universal Time channel at 5 Mhz, 10 Mhz, 15 Mhz, etc, and adjust the SW CAL dial for peak signal volume. That's it.

Jeffrey McMahon

I will take Doug's mint 2600 over any 350 anytime, any place.




Thanks, Ed, for the SW Cal info; I will give it a go tonight. Agree totally on the blue-green LED readout. It is a delight unto itself, just fun to watch as you turn the tuning dial and, yeah, it does have that kind of "techy-retro" quality. I can see this becoming my favorite, go-to radio. I just love everything about it.


Well bought at a hundred bucks, very well bought.
In a previous post, I mentioned that a Radio Shack clerk asserted that the 450 feels cheaper to him than the 350 (Grundigs). I'd say with any decent vintage Panasonic, you're way ahead of the game.


Agree totally, Angelo. Any of those vintage Panasonics are vastly superior in every way to anything in the new generation of AM/FM/SW portatops. Except, perhaps, the Eton E-1. But having no personal experience with it, I can't say.

I handled a 450 in a Radio Shack store last week and it is certainly at least AS flimsy and insubstantial as the 350, both of which have the heft of a Subway sandwich.


I have the GE 7-2990a, which is a rebadged 2600, and it is really a great set.

I'll echo the 450 sighting. Saw one at the mall in Athens GA yesterday, and it is on par with the 350. They had both radios on display right next to each other. Don't think I'll buy either unless it is an incredible deal.

Bob Forrester

I know your post on the Panasonic rf-2600 was a while ago, but I thought you'd might like to know this. The sw calibrate knob is for fine tuning ssb and cw reception. Since it changes the tuning of the radio it's probably a variable BFO but you can use it like an if shift. You turn it about 20 degrees to either side for upper or lower sideband. It wasn't my main radio so I "improved" the sw cal by replacing it with a precision 10 turn pot and a large turns counting calibrated dial. With that I was able to easily manually compensate for the drift that makes both the 2200 and 2600 useless on sideband or morse. I also fed the mpx out into an oscilloscope which acted like a band scope on SW. BTW the MPX out was for an optional stereo adapter, but I never saw one for sale.

Bob Forrester

I forgot that the 2600 did have a BFO pitch control, so the sw calibrate was probably meant to be a fine tuning control, but I do seem to remember that it moved the passband like an IF shift does. I'm sorry, but the details are a bit fuzzy after over 35 years.

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