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February 27, 2011



How was shortwave? Did you try that out at all?

Mark Roberts

It doesn't have a built-in recharger? The orange icon under the "M" button indicates that it should. The PL380 has one.


The USB cable is for slowwww charging off your computer power supply. My 380 never came with one either. I use a 700mA quick charger for all of my battery operated radios.

I looked at the specs of my 380 and couldn't find power consumption ratings but I read that someone tested a 310(same size as the 380)at 25mA.

Which means that if you are using 1100 Ni-MH batts you're good to go for aproximately 40 hours. I can attest to this, as I use the supplied 1100 batts and only recharge them about once a month (I use it for a little over an hour a day).
The 390 with twin speakers should consume slightly more power than the 380/390 so you might want to use something with more capacity(I use 2300mA batts with my Tecsun 660 and G5).

Happy listening from WA...
Good night.


I meant 380/310 series.
Not 380/390 as I posted.....need sleep.


I would be interested to know whether this radio has better or similar FM reception in comparison to TECSUN PL 310. My guess is that the FM is pretty much the same on both radios.

Keith Rennie

Re: FM performance: "Electonically" the radios are the same, but the 390 has a much larger whip antenna which gives the 390 better performance on both FM and SW.


I wish Tecsun would add to the PL-390, and their other DSP radios, a feature that they've added to the second and later batches of the PL-660: the ability to select 1 kHz, 10 kHz or Auto (1/10 kHz) tuning steps. It's much nicer to bandscan when one click of the tuning wheel equals 10 kHz.

Ken K. in NJ

Gary, I agree with you, it's the one thing that annoys me about my PL380. That being said, it's fairly easy to toggle between speeds, unlike the Radio Shack DX440 I had years ago. I never did get the hang of tuning on that one.

Doug T.

USB cables cost less than $1 (e.g., check out the discount cable dealer Monoprice -- I've had good experience with them on a variety of cables.) If you save several dollars by buying a version without a USB cable, it is still a better deal.

John S.

I have the silver version of the PL-390. For anyone who may have experienced freezing problems, below is a review I wrote on Amazon.

I was really digging the PL-390 radio until I also encountered freezing problems. I played with the different settings trying to see if anything could be causing the freezing. Finally success came with turning off the "charging function" of the radio (with the radio power turned off, press and hold the "M" button until can see "CHR OFF" on the lcd screen display). Overall this has pretty much eliminated the freezing of this radio. I did experience freezing once so far when I powered on the radio, but once I pressed the power button to turn off the radio, then pressed the power button again it successfully turned on the radio without having to remove the batteries. At this time I am still experimenting with this solution, but want to pass this information on to everyone.

UPDATE: (Oct. 11, 2013) Usually when my radio is left overnight, it would freeze in the morning, and would need to have it's batteries removed and reinserted again before it will work again. This is the first morning it did not freeze and it works perfectly. As mentioned earlier about my experience with my radio freezing the one time after changing the "charge function" to off, it may have been due to an internal switching from "on" to "off" that initially caused a glitch. Once it made the switch, I did not experience any more freezing with my radio. Since I use rechargeable batteries, the downside is now the "battery indicator" meter will not accurately tell me the state of the batteries. So I just ignore the battery meter and my radio is working just fine.

UPDATE: (Oct. 12, 2013) So far so good, have experienced no more freezing. The PL-390 is the main radio I listen to in FM. It receives the stations with no problems, and I also use an external wire antenna (I use a wire antenna from another radio, but this one comes with one). The sounds from the two speakers are nice and easy to listen to, but there is no tone control switch on the radio. It is not a boom box, I keep the volumes between 8-12 (the volume dial is rotated in increments and a volume number is displayed on the lcd screen) which is equivalent to modest to medium levels (don't want the risk of blowing out these nice small speakers). The two speakers "stereo effects" for what it is works in a small way, but it is pleasing. The sounds from the speakers is fine for the bedroom or smaller spaces. To tune into stations, I just use the keypad, I do not use the memory settings. The battery compartment can accomodate larger sized AA batteries (the other radios I have that have tight fitting battery compartments, I use the Sanyo AA batteries, they are the right size and works great).

Ed S

Just FYI, my 390 is still working fine, some 2 and a half years now. I also appreciate the Line Input, which I've used many times to amplify the output of my iPod and for other stereo monitoring applications. Battery life is good, needing recharging about every 2 months.

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