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March 27, 2011


Ed S

Whenever kaito is involved, caveat emptor. One who knows.


Send it back as used! They'll keep doing that unless people send back the used/open boxes.

Mark Roberts

Definitely, you should inform Amazon about what you found.



G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether

"'He understands what it takes for America to compete in the global economy,' President Obama said of GE CEO Jeff Immelt, as he announced Immelt would chair the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. On Friday, the NY Times reported that one trick Immelt employs to keep GE competitive is paying no American tax bill. In fact, GE claimed a 2010 tax benefit of $3.2B on worldwide profits of $14.2B, $5.1B of which came from US operations. According to the NYT, GE's extraordinary tax-avoidance success is based on an aggressive strategy that mixes fierce lobbying for tax breaks and innovative accounting that enables it to concentrate its profits offshore. GE's giant tax department is led by a former Treasury official whose 975-member team includes former officials not just from the Treasury, but also from the IRS and virtually all the tax-writing committees in Congress. GE's return to rock-bottom tax rates marks a dramatic reversal from the mid-80's when President Reagan reacted to corporate accounting gamesmanship and supported a change that closed loopholes and required GE to pay a far higher effective rate, up to 32.5%. 'That GE can almost set its own tax rate shows how very much we need reform,' said Rep. Lloyd Doggett. 'Our tax system should encourage job creation and investment in America and end these tax incentives for exporting jobs and dodging responsibility for the cost of securing our country.'"


"60 Minutes" had a segment on this last night.

"The New Tax Havens"


Apparently the U.S. has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, so this is causing companies to incorporate elsewhere. For example, the corporate tax rate in Ireland is 12.5%, versus 35% in the U.S. Some think that raising our corporate tax rate will bring more revenue to the Treasury, when in fact just the opposite is true.


Carlos - I didn't catch from your video what exactly is wrong with your new PL-390.

I've bought two items from anon-co in the past, and both of them looked like they might have been opened before. I think anon-co claims to do their own QC check on each item before it's sent out.

Keep in mind that buying from Amazon will likely make it easier and cheaper to exchange an item than buying from China. In fact, "native" Amazon purchases can be exchanged for the same item with free return shipping. I'm not sure how this works for "third party" Amazon purchases, such as your radio that was shipped from Kaito.

Tom Welch

Amazon's phone # is 866-216-1072.

Carlos Edwards

Gary - I will be reviewing the PL-390 in the future. Despite the opened package the radio and accessories seem to be in order. I tend to prefer radios with more punch in the speakers - which is why I think I'll stick with my G6 as a travel radio (over the PL-606, whose audio seems less to my taste). Many thanks again to Blake for his comparison of the two radios, the PL-606 and the G6. I look forward to reading more about that worthy contest!


Walter Locke

I bought a Kaito KA1103 a few months ago from Kaito Electronics USA via Amazon. It arrived very nicely packaged but upon opening it I discovered the radio had three shallow dents in the grill. The plastic sleeve that was covering the radio exhibited similar marks. Therefore I was left to assume the KA1103 was dropped during the packaging process. The radio performs well and the return process is over-long and complicated so I opted to keep the unit. It is a nice receiver but it is disappointing that it would arrive directly from the manufacturer with cosmetic damage. Bad show.


I ordered both my Tecsuns (390 & 606) from Anon on Ebay and the boxes did not have a taped seal to show whether or not they had been opened. They were packed in a padded envelope. The flap could have easily popped open as in this video. One of the flaps were partially open on my 390 unit. I do not think either of the radios were used. They are certainly in new condition. I like the silver 390.

I will try to do some more G6 vs. 606 duels especially on the other bands soon Carlos. Truth is these are both fun radios.

I am also thinking about doing a G5 vs. 390 duel.


I bought a Grundig G5 when they were on clearance at Radio Shack for $40. The local store had none in stock but one could be ordered from another store. No problem, a week later the local store had it. I get it home and it was most certainly a floor model based on scratches. The radio worked great though, had all the accessories and was bought at like 25% of original price. A year later it still works great.

Carlos Edwards

Travers - I have a similar story about the G6. When these were on clearance at the "Shack" I picked one up for 29.00! Maybe that is why I am so high on the G6. The SSB even works (though not perfect). Definitely a lot of radio in a little package, and a good buy even at 45 bucks (1 left!):


Again it's the audio quality that ultimately sells me on the G6. Obviously this is my own personal preference, but in a travel radio I'd gladly sacrifice minute performance discrepancies for good audio. In radios I'm generally a quality over quantity kind of guy, but again that's only my point of view.

Bob C.

Joyce from anon-co supposedly does a QC check for you (to make sure that you don't get a dud) and sets the radio to 10 kHz/87.5-108 modes to radios before shipping.

So, if they appear to have been opened, that's why. That's also one of the reasons why they are the most-trusted Chinese ebay seller of electronics. Now, why Kaito would open the boxes is anyone's guess; perhaps to make sure that all of the accessories are in tact.



I also got a G5 the same way you did. Thought the screen was scratchy until I noticed that it was actually the protective plastic film that was scratched. Removed this film to reveal a pristine window to the LCD. Double check that if you have not done so already. Blake


One of the things I don't like about the G6 is the number of spurious tones scattered across the MW AM band. In this regard, it's similar to the DSP-based Tecsun radios, like the PL-380. Although they don't have the sensitivity of the G6 or PL-380, I find the small Sangean radios (e.g., DT-400W, DT-200X) to be nearly free of these spurious tones. Sangean appears to give more consideration to this issue in their designs. This is one reason why the ferrite bar is mounted at the bottom of the radio, as far as possible from the display, in the two Sangean models mentioned above.

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