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April 02, 2011


Keith Rennie

Great review Bill.
You are going to have some fun nights "bandscanning" with this one in the coming warm summer evenings.
A lot to be said about the "warmer" sound of the larger speaker.
Those double D's will last forever.


A Rolls Royce for $2495.00?
E-Bay 390302657025


I don't think the seller oould get away with that price,,,

Check these fine radios..
Item 300542301022
Item 370356673968


Great review. I've just received mine from a Chinese eBay seller and am happy with the radio. I can agree with what's been written, you really need the patience of Job to tune SW but hey, this is a fun, cheap radio and tuning a touchy analogue radio brings back memories that fall in line with the retro look of the radio. I've found the radio very sensitive on all the 3 bands with reasonable selectivity. Audio is crisp but lacking bass depth, still very listenable. Constructional quality is good for the price. I can recommend the radio to any potential buyer looking for a fun analogue radio.


thanks for your information, but.....must i understand that it is NOT THAT SENSITIVE..? i mean...does it miss any station that is a bit weak..or is it that the faint station is there but in a low quality..?

thanks indeed


well, i bought it, it is good , but still the DX, can it be solved by an antenna...?


There's a new model RF562DD and it now comes with DC input
but the adaptor is not included in the package.


I just purchased the similar Panasonic R218DD. It lacks FM, but has the same MW and SW coverage and is also powered by 2 D cells. For its price, it is quite sensitive. There is complete muting between stations, which seem to suddenly appear when fine tuning. On SW they are just blips as you tune slowly, and you have to go back a fine tune to actually hear stations. After 20 minutes or so it drifts off frequency. On MW stations it drifts off somewhat after a half hour. Audio is very clear but thin lacking any bass. It is good in its price range for an analog set for weak or distant news and information rather than program listening or music.

Richard Merriam

The 'earphone' jack is in reality probably intended as an extension speaker jack, as it clearly states "8 ohms only".

Richard Merriam

I bought the newer version of the Panasonic RF-562DD. It has a power input for a 3.6 vdc adaptor. Also, the older model has '8 ohms only'stamped next to the earphone jack, falsely giving me the impression that this was an extension speaker jack. Anyway, this is one of the best radios for AM that I've ever owned!

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