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May 15, 2011



Universal Radio is now advertising that they'll carry the Sangean SR-35 pocket radio for $21.95 as of July 1, 2011. Judging from the image on the website, it seems the frequencies indicated on the face of the radio haven't been adjusted to the American market.


Specs confirm US coverage:


Bad news about the volume wheel. I have a cheap Emerson radio in my bathroom----bought it a couple years ago and use it just about every day. Volume wheel on that is rock solid---radio gets splashed with water, is constantly in a humid environment, has had batteries changed a few times---definitely not babied. The volume and tuning wheels on this $20.00 item work fine. It infuriates me to hear that Carlos is having this issue with the Tecsun.

Mark Roberts

Tecsun definitely needs to work on having a more graduated amplification curve for its volume control. Meanwhile, at least for headphone listening, an inline volume control is helpful. It might even help when plugging in another speaker; I suspect the Tecsuns have enough power coming out of the headphone jack to drive a speaker.

As for the QC problem, yes, it bites. I have something similar with my PL-100. My other radios are OK. Where did you buy your PL-606 from?

Bob C.

Hmmm, sorry to hear this. I've had mine for about 3 months now, have traveled with it from coast to coast and carried it outside on numerous walks with the dog. And, no issues whatsoever - so far.

Unfortunately, I think you've gotten a bad one.

The main Chinese radio issue I've had has been a problem shared by my well-worn KA-1103 and Eton E5 radios - sporadic loss of the MW/LW/SW bands. These bands will go silent while FM works as usual. Once they're gone, they're gone for good. Until I come back and try the radio another day - then the bands return. They may be fine for an hour, a day or even a week. Then they cut right out. Started happening on the 1103 about 6 months after I bought it; the E5 took a couple of years (and rough use). But it's odd that the problem that each has is exactly the same.

So far (knock on wood) no issues with any of my Tecsuns.

Carlos Edwards

Mark - I bought my PL-606 from Amazon. It shipped from a warehouse Kentucky (as opposed to California) because I live on the East coast. Other Tecsun radios available on Amazon ship only from California, I notice. I wonder whether mine is a very early model.

News of the Sangean gave me reason to play with my trusty old SRF-S84 (blue). I think this little wonder may still be my most selective receiver, analog or digital, on both AM and FM. It's simply amazing what I could null out. On most of my analogs - some quite respectable - 910 drowns out everything down to 860 (Quebec). Last night I was able to hear clearly 900 from Hamilton, ON, 890 WLS Chicago, 880 WCBS from New York, and 870 WWL from New Orleans! An RF-2200 would even have a hard time selecting each of those frequencies with local 910 screaming in its ear.


Carlos - If your PL-606 was purchased in the U.S., shouldn't it have a one year U.S. warranty? I see that the current PL-606 units are sold by Kaito and fulfilled by Amazon. If yours was sold by Kaito, then they should honor the warranty.

Heinz Hammerling

I now have my third TECSUN PL-606 fail on me. Will bring this to the attention of Amazon. Two radios no longer responding to ANY keyboard input; DEAD. The third radio has "hop-skip-and-jump" issues with the frequency selector, meaning after you scan with ETM, you can no longer access some of the stored frequencies.

A shame that the manufacturer of the world's best little radio cannot assure their quality.

I also have a TECSUN PL-380 which will not respond to the "Memory" button. Result, when I go to a new geographic location I cannot change the radio station with which to wake up.

A. Black

It might be that they have improved on their newer models. I bought two PL-660's (not 606) from China and they both work fine.

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