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June 28, 2011



I wonder how much gas is left when it says "empty." Sipping up the last molecule of gas from the tank can clog the injectors.

There are probably some cars that can get from LA to San Francisco on one tank -- maybe the Prius and the Jetta TDI for example. Of course, most humans need to stop once or twice along the way.


According to this article, the Jetta has the "range to empty" feature as well. I suspect this feature is available in lots of cars now.



My 2006 Passat stock unit from VW has this feature and it's very precise

shawn Patrick

Both my 1984 Thunderbird (yes it did, along with a 100 percent digital dashboard) and my old beater, a 2002 Dodge Stratus both have this feature.


I own this car, and that's a great feature. I also like the Eco mode, which encourages fuel efficient driving. I'm not as heavy on the throttle as I used to be, partly because I now have a better idea about what it does to fuel economy.


My Y2K Toyota Avalon has this feature; it also reports "instant" and "average" mileage for the current trip as well as the outside temperature.

Doug T.

I thought this feature was standard on most Ford vehicles. The two I've owned in the last decade both had it, as have all of the rental Ford's that I can recall.


Running gas tanks on "E" is a bad idea for the well being of the engine. A supermarket chain in our area, Giant, gives discounts per gallon at Shell gas stations----depending on how much total spending you do at Giant in a given period. A dime off per gallon----i.e. if you spend a hundred dollars on groceries, youget ten cents off, two hundred dollars, 20 cents, three hundred, thirty cents....so people let their cars run dry to get a couple dollars off a tank of gas----I think in some cases, they'll be paying far more in repairs.


My 1990 lebaron had this.. so does my 2008 A5...

they say you're not supposed to run til empty cuz you'll get crap sucked into your fuel pump.

but of course as with all things designed for normal people, there is usually a "tolerance" built in, such that when it says 0 miles distance to empty, you actually have 5-10 to go.

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