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July 01, 2011



Nothing new here. Please search Wikipedia for Ivy Lee, Edward Bernays, and Manufacturing Consent.


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To take this full circle, there is often discussion here of KPCC and NPR. NPR is certainly not as tainted as FOX but are still part of the problem rather than the solution.

Had you been listening to KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles or streaming live at www.kpfk.org you would already have been well versed on Ivy Lee, Edward Bernays and Manufacturing Consent.

KPFK were the originators of "listener sponsored radio" back in 1959. Their transmitter at 6000 feet on Mount Wilson is grandfathered in at over 100,000 Watts and is the most powerful FMer west of the Mississippi.

Ed S.

But KPFK never pretended to be "Fair and Balanced" (ie, neutral) as FOX falsely claims. KPFK's liberal loyalties are out in the open, no phoney pretense involved.
On another note, Bill and Hillary are still married. Denials do work sometimes.

Jeffrey McMahon

Mike tried to submit a comment here and it wouldn't go so I'm pasting it on his behalf:
Your absolutely right!
Who the hell do those people over at Fox news think they are to have an opinion that doesn't agree with yours?
I always get a kick out of people who rant about Fox news.
They say Fox is lying but can never come up with an example of Fox lying.
The fact is a lot of people think the right shouldn't have a voice at all.
These are usually the same folks who think Jon Stewart is a journalist.
If Fox has a debate about any issue, they have someone from the Left and someone from the Right.
That's the fair and balanced part.Get it?
I've seen Rachel Maddow pretend to do the same thing on MSNBC with a group of so-called experts.
The thing is everybody agrees with Rachel.
That's not a debate. That's not fair and balanced.
That's a Left-wing circle jerk.
Tainted indeed.

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