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September 28, 2011


Ed S.

No. 30 and 39 are duplicates, as are 31 and 40, 32 and 41, also 34, 35, 36, 37 and 43, 44, 45, 46.

Jeffrey McMahon

Ed, thanks. I had better edit.

Walter L.

36 raises a very good point.

I would be willing to pay a a bit more for a radio that is priced at $150.00+ if it came with a good converter, a strong protective case, earbuds that one could use without flinching in pain, and a rechargeable battery function that has batteries included that don't need to be replaced immediately after opening the box. In other words, a range of useful accessories that match in quality the excellent radio they accompany in the package.


My complaint is looks. There are few if any radios out there that have any looks to them that I would want people to see. I have 5 or 6 German made radio from the 50s that I make a point to show off when people come over. Some even seem interested:)

Keith Beesley

I think we're living in a kind of "golden age of radio" right now! Think of all the different types of radios we've discussed here in the past two or three years: hi-fi am-fm tabletops, boomboxes, heavy-duty worksite radios, pocket-sized shortwave sets, satellite, streaming internet radio, etc. etc. No wonder we have a long list of complaints; we're spoiled! There weren't nearly as many choices 20 or even ten years ago.

S Patrick

Yea, some other color besides grey or black would be nice to have.

BTW - heavier plastic = more breakable radio. To prove this, I'll drop my Grundig G5 if you drop your 1980's Panasonic. Bet you which radio wins this battle. A lighter radio breaks FAR LESS from drops then a heavier radio.


Well, this settles it for me. I'm switching to stamp collecting.

maybe i should start a "Why stamp collecting is better than radios" list...

1. stamps don't need Synchronous Detectors
2. stamps don't have lights that stay on
3. stamps don't come with noisy electrical wall warts that keep you from enjoying other stamps.
4. the purchase of my next stamp is not determined by someone elses review.
5. stamps don't have those pesky "step-volume" buttons as opposed to those nice rotary ones.

i could go on, but I digress.

Ed S

But then, Dan, you'll have S Pat telling you repeatedly that new stamps are far superior than stamps printed before 1995...


@ Ed S: ROFL! Thanks for the chuckle!

Karl Dahlquist

There are no ferrite rods because AM radio is dead (according to an LA Daily News article)


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