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October 30, 2011


Keith Beesley


All of them seem fairly uncommon. You can search "completed listings" on Ebay to see how much these models recently sold for. The Grundig 865 is probably the most valuable of the bunch; collectors love the old "made in Western Germany" Grundigs. I used to have a TR 807 (made in Portugal); it sounded good but had some issues. I couldn't find anything on the "Combi-Sound"; interesting that it covers the full N. American FM band up to 108 mHz. Radios made for the German market often only tune up to 104 or so.


That is somewhat I thought as well. I should point out that the Grundig 865 is made in Portugal and not in Germany. The Grundog TR 807 is made in Japan. It has a very loud hum on AC but nice sounding on DC. I think I may put that one on ebay at the starting price of $20.00 plus shipping. I thought Jeff would have jumped in the Panasonic as he really seems to like them.


Aw, please, don't put it on greedbay! I'd be interested in the 807 and the other Grundig.

Email me richpalm(AT)dejazzd(DOT)com !!



I realize the theme is getting redundant, but let me say it one more time. A foot of extremely heavy snow and high winds in southern New England; trees and wires down everywhere; power out for at least 24 hours. Internet? Nope. Television? Nope. Cell phones? Nope. Only radio - AM, FM, NOAA, and Ham. Even at this late date in the development of communications techology, there's nothing like good old-fashioned radio!

Tony Leneis

I am interested in the Grundig 865 if it plays well on all bands.

eMail me at: n6dxx(at)me.com



John, are you there?? Waiting to hear from you on the Grundigs.



The TR-807 is one of if not the most handsome of the myriad TO clones. It has good audio which sounds great on FM but its overall performance is somewhat disappointing in light of its striking appearance and overall quality of construction. It seems that they put so much into the cabinet that they had nothing left over for the electronics. Not as sensitive, selective, or with adequate filtering for locations near broadcast stations as one would expect but none the less it is a great collector's piece

Keith Beesley

Tim, I agree 100%. I still have several battery-powered TVs; there's probably a way to make a converter box run off a 12v car battery, but I haven't figured it out yet.

If I may add a further suggestion, it's a good idea for at least one of your emergency radios to be strictly analog; no clocks, alarms, presets, etc. Batteries last much longer.

I'm also thinking about getting a police/fire scanner for the coming storm season; anybody have any suggestions as to makes, models, etc.?

Keith B. (not the same as the previous Keith)



If buying just one scanner, make sure you don't buy outdated ones.

Here is a list for you: base scanners on the left, and portable scanners on the right:

Uniden Scanners:

BC796D BC296D
BC996T BC396T
Uniden Home patrol

Radioshack Scanners:

Pro-2096 Pro-96
Pro-197 Pro-106

GRE Scanners:

GRE 600, GRE 500, GRE 800

Only buy one of the above. If the radio is not capable of picking up 800Mhz digital APCO-25, well, then I don't recommend it.


Rich I sent you an email about the TR 807. I am keeping the other Grundig for now. I am seeing prices for the 807 in the $300.00 range. That is nucking futs. I am thinking more like $50.00 bucks.


John do you still have the panasonic rf 7400 for sale ?

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