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October 12, 2011


Ken K.

(that crap cloth bag sent with all Degen radios, )

Actually I find the Kaito/Degen crap cloth bags just the right size as a carrying case for portable GPS units. My wife and each use one for our respective cars.


Just received one of these. In general it's a nicely designed unit.

But: While the FM sound quality is acceptable - just - on the entire SW band is a loud digital burbling sound, with no reception of stations at all.

On AM this sound decreases as you tune down from 1600kHz but is still audible at 800kHz. Recordings made on AM are useless, and even FM recordings have strange frying background sounds.

The signal quality on AM is about the same as those tiny pocket radios that used to sell for $5.00

We also have a Sony ICD-UX91F which makes superb recordings - but of course no AM, which is why I bought the Degen.

Back it goes - but will the replacement be A1? It's not cheap sending stuff back - around US$20.00 - so it will be interesting to see how the seller's customer care handles a unit that was "all tested before despatch"

Any comments on whether I should swap it for an 1125 or 1126? Need to record from AM and FM, and play MP3's - prefer 4GB memory or more. Size isn't really an issue.


A progress report:

Received a DE1126 as replacement. Apparently it has the same electronics as the DE1127.

HOWEVER it is a totally different animal in terms of intuitive handling and button pushing.

Where the 1127 sits in your hand like a chunky chocolate bar, the 1126 is a bit wide for the hand.

And where you can navigate around the well thought out function keys on the 1127, you have to look at the keys on the 1126. (Yes, you MIGHT get used to it.)

Despite a bigger speaker, the sound on the 1126 is not much better than the 1126.

Finally - small detail but handy feature: In the dark, if you pick up the 1127 and press any control button, the bright display shows date and time - not so with the 1126.

Looks like I'll sell the 1126 (the shortwave does work - albeit with strange digital hash noise) and try to get a 1127 with the shortwave also working.

If you want a digital voice recorder that's quick and intuitive to use, don't bother with either of these models - far too many key presses. Buy an Olympus.

Summary: The main benefit of the DE1127 is that I can now listen to podcasts WITHOUT those damn earbuds in my ear.


A p.s. The BL-5C battery is also used in various cellphones; at first the one supplied had a very long battery life, but after about 2 weeks has dropped back to 2 days max. It might pay to buy a decent quality battery.

Bob Balser

Had one for several weeks but it is now faulty,it freezes for few minutes,clock stops & cannot turn off unless battery removed then have to reset time & date, pressing reset doesn't clear fault,nice little radio apart from this major problem.

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