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October 19, 2011



I had one of the Degen precursors to this model and just threw it away---truly. There were strong birdies on the AM BCB band, some were on top of clear channel stations and locals, and its SW performance was very poor. I liked its size and promise, but it just did not perform. This was in 2009. I'm surprised that Degen still thinks that people will like radios with these design defects.

Keith Beesley

My DE 1126 is a mixed bag.

1. FM reception is excellent.
2. AM (MW) reception is OK, better than average but not as good as my best AM radios.
3. ATS (auto tuning storage) works.
4. Radio record/playback functions work, although it is a somewhat cumbersome process involving several steps. Audio quality of radio recordings is somewhat degraded.
5. Wake-up alarm (to radio or an old-school telephone bell sound) and sleep (auto shut-off) work well. You can pre-set multiple alarms or multiple power on/power off at different times of the day if you choose.
6. Mp3 playback (of downloaded mp3s) works.
7. Speaker audio on FM and mp3 playback is surprisingly good for a unit of this tiny size and slim profile.


1. SW bands are useless, the unit barely hears anything, and what you do hear is covered up by all kinds of noise. I haven't tried it with an external SW antenna, nor have I tried it out in the country, away from city noises and local transmitters.
2. No SSB or synch (wouldn't expect them in a unit at this price point).
3. Whip antenna is really too short for SW.
4. No tone control or bandwidth-select options.
5. No LW band.

You don't see many devices that combine mp3 recording capability with a LW, AM, or SW tuner, usually only FM, and I think I know why: the engineers haven't quite figured out how to do it yet. Many in another couple of years, if the demand is there.

On the other hand, if you are mainly an AM/FM listener, and need a handy pocket/travel radio, this may be for you. If you are a big shortwave listener, you won't be happy with it ;-). If you want to record programs off the air, your best bet at this point is probably to use a good radio with a "line out," connected to a dedicated digital recorder.


"7 Gadgets That Won't Be Around in 2020"

"So which popular products today will join the likes of VCRs, cassette players and transistor radios in the next few years?"


I didn't realize that transistor radios were already extinct.


The link above seems to show only 5 of the 7 gadgets. This one shows all 7:



A followup on the DE-1127:

Recording from AM or FM is a three keypress operation - one of them being to ask you if you want to record at 129 or 96 BPS.

Well, duh. This should be preselected in a setup menu - not that there's much difference.

It gets worse - once your recording starts, the station volume is increased greatly - and there is no way to turn it down - the (+) and (-) volume buttons don't work.


Account Deleted

Thanks for the review.
I want to order this receiver from Hong Kong.
I have the Tecsun-380WT but I want a more compact FM/AM receiver with MP3 player.

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