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November 22, 2011



I have a 321 and have similar impressions with this reviewer's observations. I would call the tuning mechanism 'rubbery' in that when I tune it on SW, I tend to not hear a station, then suddenly do, but by then, I've tuned past it and have to go back and rock the tuning back and forth to zero in on the best signal strength. Also, it sounds to me like the radio is 'squelching' if a signal is below a certain strength, so I hear weak stations suddenly appear and then they are gone, as if a squelch is activated. Last, I did not like the radios AM BCB sensitivity at all. Maybe all this is just my radio, I have no way of testing several of these to find out. I'd say the tuning of the 321 is similar to the WRX911---rubbery and you have to rock back and forth to tune in a station. I'm in agreement that the radio is all digital, but the mechanical tuning could use improvement in my view.


Eton $30 discount on the S450DLX radio:



HAM licenses at all-time high


vimal oberoi

Must read Jay Allen review before going for S450DLX


Mr Lee from Seoul

I bought two of the DE321 via eBay.
The DE321 is a very think SW pocket radio and its performance is decent for outdoor listening of major broadcasts (not for serious DXing). Also, I found out that its FM reception performance is superior to that of Sony radios.

However, My first DE321 tuning pointer indicates at around 675kHz when receiving 711kHz HLKA (KBS Radio 1 Seoul), while the second one's indicates at around 800kHz when receiving the same broadcast. In addition, the sound from the built-in speaker is slightly different. The speaker sound from the second one is slightly richer. I think Degen should make more efforts on QC.

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