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December 13, 2011



I don't really understand the PC/Apple antipathy. At work I have to be able to deal with Windows, Linux (Red Hat, SuSE, Fedora), Solaris, MacOS. They all have different strengths and weaknesses.

At home we've got 6 Windows PCs plus one iBook running MacOS. Used to have a Fedora Linux box but the video adapter melted down so it's dead.

I use and enjoy all the OS's; it's nice to be able to understand the ways that they differ.

I suppose if you hated and feared the operating system you'd gravitate towards one or the other - especially the aesthetically sweet MacOS. Since I need to develop some knack with "the big three" (Windows, Linux, MacOS) I can't develop attitude -- better to just figure out how to keep things running for my engineers.

Time for folks to just go with what they like and remember that the different OS's exist for a reason.


I've run IOS, Windows, and a version of Linux. I've come to believe that each computer ecology is like a different science fiction dystopian city.

The Windows World is like The City in The Matrix. It is everyday, grim, businesslike, controlled by dark and evil powers that are largely unseen, and it basically doesn't work.

Linux is like Bartertown, where fur-and-canvas clad barbarians huddle around campfires trading TAR files.

And Apple.. ah, Apple is like The Village from The Prisoner. Everybody lives in a clean, tidy little cottage just like everybody else's, and they have all the furnishings, books, music, and goods provided by The Leader. The Leader knows best. The Leader will take care of you. Just don't ask what's beyond the mountains. The Leader says there is nothing beyond the mountains. Trust The Leader.


Brilliant Bill! I may have to borrow that. I can add 2 vintage additions:

OS2 Warp is like a town from a bad horror flick. All seems fine until you get 30 minutes into the film.

Amiga OS is like a brilliant planned community. Unfortunately they built it in the middle of nowhere and forgot to advertise. Lack of revenue caused it to decay into disrepair and now sits vacant.

Plan 9 is like a David Lynch film. No further explanation necessary.


3 additions, sorry.

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