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May 30, 2012



I bought one on ebay (tquchina - http://stores.ebay.com/SinoRadios).
The sound is not very good and the control of the mp3 player is bad.
am, fm and sw satisfactory but not exceptional.
PL-660 is much better.

vimal oberoi

''Only 14 left in stock--order soon,''informs Amazon right now:)

¾ Blind

Good price but the lack of SSB in the Tecsun 390/398 is for me a deal breaker. I monitor hams and the occasional pirate. If the PL-660 goes on sale I might bite though I don't need another SW radio. My first SW radio had no BFO or SSB. I learned by accident that by placing another AM radio next to the SW radio and tuning the AM radio, the AM radio transmitted a spurious signal (in CB lingo it "threw a carrier") which demodulated the SSB and made the signal intelligible albeit very drifty. Those were single conversion -- I'm not sure this would work with dual conversion radios.


I see that the PL-660 (black or silver) is back down to $110 on Amazon. They were up as high as $130 not too long ago. Formerly they were sold by Kaito, but these are sold by Electronnix (whoever that is).




I just scored a Panasonic RF-1401D for $22 shipped. Seller had a $12 BIN with $10 shipping, and its in pretty good shape too. http://www.ebay.com/itm/290721455153


I have one of these and...

The MP3 player is on par with those cheap $15-$20 MP3 player/radio combos. No display, no scanning through a track, and only the most basic of functions...play, next, and previous. Why they couldn't have put some decent circuitry in it is beyond me.

The radio part of it is ok. Much better than the Tecsun PL-310 as it has a much longer loopcoil...


If you just have to have something with decent reception that'll almost fit in your pocket, or are just intrigued by these new DSP radios this one will work, but otherwise I wouldn't bother.


Oh, and the SW bands? It does alright.
It has no way of decoding SSB, though, and an outboard BFO won't work as there is no IF.

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